Album Premiere: Apathy Noir – “Black Soil”

Apathy Noir - Black Soil

Progressive death / doom band Apathy Noir, the solo project of Viktor Jonas, is back in 2018 with their fourth full length album, Black Soil. Residing in a similar headspace as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, to a point, Apathy Noir has brought a larger focus on atmosphere and the funereal aspect. And this time around, Jonas has enlisted the vocal assistance of Adam Walmsley (Twilight’s Embrace, Beyond Grace) to add yet another element to the Apathy Noir project. Black Soil will see its official release tomorrow. Today, however, we are thrilled to bring you a full album stream to whet the appetite. So, head inside for a listen to this amazingly gloomy album.

As you can hear above, Black Soil wears a coat of many colors, unsatisfied with only being categorized as a funeral doom or death / doom album. It succeeds in its mournful melodies and heavy, emotional passages (“Bloodsong”) but also when the band resorts to aggressive and melodic black metal (“Samsara”). The maturity and progression from their last album, Across Dark Waters, is palpable and if there was even a passing fondness there, Black Soil is the album that will put Apathy Noir on your radar and hold it there.

Apathy Noir
Apathy Noir – L: Adam Walmsley, R: Viktor Jonas

Be sure to pick up your copy of Black Soil via the band’s Bandcamp page tomorrow. For more information on Apathy Noir visit their official website.

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