The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Happy belated 30th to “South of Heaven”!



On July 5, Slayer‘s fourth album, South of Heaven, turned 30 years old. And today — juuuuust a bit late, because that’s how we roll here at The Nine Circles Audio Thing — we’re here to celebrate it. 

Widely acknowledged as a landmark in the band’s catalogue and thrash in general — if not quite as big of one as Reign in Blood — the album was also an enormous influence on two of Nine Circles‘ elder statesmen — Chris and Josh — in their rampant, blood-spilling youths.

So in honor of that influence, they got together for an audio retrospective on South of Heaven. The two break things down track by track and try to get to the bottom of why exactly this thing scratched the itch for ’em back then — and how it continues to do so now. Jump on in and take a listen!

Keep it heavy,

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