The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Bummer was August 2018’s Album of the Month!

Bummer - Holy Terror

It’s almost October, and…we’re late with this! Blame Dan the Nurse. (Sorry, we mean “Dan the almost-nurse.”) But, just in the nick of time for our one-month-late AOTM schedule, we’re back with our chosen highlight from August: Bummer‘s Holy Terror

Holy Terror, Bummer’s debut full-length, dropped on August 24 — and good lord, did the Kansas City noise/hardcore crew impress our blog team mightily with it. It’s just got a little something for everyone — whether you’re into classics like Unsane, more recent stuff like KEN Mode, or just want some hilarious song titles with your sonic kicks-in-the-ass. (“Fred Savage 420,” anyone?)

Bummer released their debut full-length “Holy Terror” on August 24.

So join Josh, Vince and our newest team member, Jonathan Petkau, as they break it all down. The album is definitely worth your time. The podcast…we hope so?

Holy Terror is available now via Learning Curve Records and High Dive Records. For more information on Bummer, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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