Initial Descent: June 23 – 29, 2019


So, back to reality from last week’s land of sand, sun, saltwater, and relaxation. Ughhhhh. Bills must be paid so here we are. Whatever.

New metal is in abundance which, at this moment, is a very good thing and a very needed thing. Let’s do it… Beastwars returns with an outstanding album — you read that right, BEASTWARS — and you need it, Yellow Eyes are back and continue to keep the american black metal machine exceptionally greased, Low Flying Hawks offers up yet another gaze-y sludge effort, and TheNightTimeProject channels the more rockin’ side of Katatonia which is actually really good.

I’ll be over here perusing at max volume trying to channel last week’s ocean breezes. Don’t mind me, carry on.

Beastwars - IV

Beastwars – IV (Destroy) – heavy metal

Yellow Eyes - Rare Field Ceiling

Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Gilead Media) – black metal

Low Flying Hawks - Anxious Ghosts

Low Flying Hawks – Anxious Ghosts, EP (Magnetic Eye) – sludge

TheNightTimeProject - Pale Season

TheNightTimeProject – Pale Season (Debemur Morti) – melancholic rock

Also on tap:

100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl – Teeth Fletcher (WOOAAARGH) – sludge / death

Anthrocene – Nucleation (Independent) – thrash / power / melodic death

Axioma – Crown (Translation Loss) – dark metal

Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado (Everlasting Spew) – grind

Bloody Hammers – The Summoning (Napalm) – occult doom

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore, Reissue (Southern Lord) – drone

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – Koksofen, Reissue (Southern Lord) – drone

Consecration – Fragilium (Solitude Productions) – death / doom

Contaminated / Kutabare – Death Sick / Funeral Erection (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Deemtee – Flawed Synchronization with Reality (Grimm Distribution/Suprachaotic Records) – experimental black metal

Denial of God – The Shapeless Mass (Osmose / Hells Headbangers) – black metal

Dreams In Fragments – Reflections of a Nightmare (Rockshots) – symphonic metal

Eternal Breath – World of Chaos (Sliptrick) – heavy metal

Galactic Protector – Evening (Burning Witches) – rock

Hate Manifesto – Herald of Triumph, EP (Helter Skelter) – black / death

Holy Tide – Aquila (My Kingdom Music) – metal

Inert – Vermin (Neckbreaker) – death metal

Kapala – Termination Apex (Dunkelheit Produktionen) – grindcore

Keiji Haino + Sumac – Even For Just the Briefest Moments (Trost) – experimental / noise

Lifes – Treading Water (Triple Eye / Middle Man / Knochen Tapes / Here and Now!) – grindcore

Majesty – Legends (Napalm) – heavy metal

Mirror – Pyramid of Terror (Bad Omen) – proto-metal

Monarque – Jusqu’à la Mort (Sepulchral Productions) – black metal

Next Door To Heaven – V Ways To Accept (Sliptrick) – metalcore

Nocturnal Breed – We Only Care for the Violence (Folter) – black / thrash

Pestis Inferos – Beyond the Veil of Light, EP (Independent) – black metal

Putrified J – The Deep End of Horror, EP (Comatose Music) – death metal

Scumripper – All Veins Blazing (Hells Headbangers) – metalpunk

Tar Pit – Tomb of Doom, CD & Vinyl Issue (Ordo MCM) – doom

The Projectionist – Visits From the Nighthags Part II (Appalachian Noise) – black metal

The Take – Same (Demons Run Amok) – hardcore

Those Darn Gnomes – Calling Whitetails to a Tuned Bow (Nefarious Industries) – avantgarde metal

Tristengrav – II – Nychavge (Caligari Records) – gothic black metal

Turkey Vulture – Boxer (Independent) – americana metal

Vectis – The Executioner, Cassette Issue (Helldprod) – black / thrash

Victims – The Horse and Sparrow Theory (Relapse) – crust punk

Zachary Lucky – The Ballad of Losing You (Nordvis) – folk

– Josh

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