CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (June 28, 2019)

cursed imagery

Four weeks in a row? Holy shit, guys. It looks like I can haz consistency after all! Well, don’t get hopes up too high because this week’s post is going to be a relatively light one. I’m not getting lazy on you; rather, questionable album art is getting lazy on me. It felt like a solid 85 percent of the releases on this week’s list actually have pretty solid covers. Including the ones featured in this post! (I’ll be straight with you, I’m kinda grasping at straws even for those.)

But, dammit, the #content beast must be fed, so feed it I will. You can peep this week’s selections after the jump!

Roadrash — “Accelerator” (Single)

I was unaware of Vancouver speed metallers Roadrash before this week, but good lord, I cannot even process how much I love their aviator-shaped logo. But then, there’s more! The literal-chain steering wheel. The red skull gear-shift head. I’m all here for this single. Not to mention, the cover for the band’s previous 2017 full-length, Thunder in Paradise, could be a synthwave cover. I give this band all the points.

Mammoth Storm — Alruna

Love the color selections on this one. Also, for whatever reason, it makes me think of Nathan Explosion’s bleach dream in Metalocalypse? I dunno, I’m weird.

Majesty — Legends

I like a lot about this — the band’s logo, the bright yellow coloring of said logo, the city in ruins, etc. — but there’s also a lot that confuses me. First, why’s dude’s first thought after surviving an apocalyptic event to grab his Randy Rhoads guitar and hold it above his head? Second, why’s the Majesty logo on his hoodie different from the Majesty logo in the forefront? Missing the point? I might be.

Mysticism Black — Return of the Bestial Flame

I got nothin’ here, folks. This one’s just dope, pure and simple.

That’ll do it for this week’s edition! As always, leave suggestions for future editions in the comments. Or just…leave anything in the comments. (No discrimination here.) Cheers for reading either way, and check back soon for our next edition!


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