CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (July 12, 2019)

cursed imagery

Little bit late to the party on this one — it’s 1:30 in the morning as I write this — but I’ll take comfort in the fact that it’s actually a relatively slow week for album art absurdity. Don’t get me wrong; there are some definite wonders to be had, but on the whole? Pretty quiet! So, let’s not waste any more time on this preview. Jump on in and check out this week’s highlights below!

Mind Key — MKIII: Aliens in Wonderland

So, remember when I said “there are some definite wonders to be had” up above? Case in fucking point, right here. I never knew I needed a scene of an overpowered space cat, but hell…looking at this image makes me realize there’s probably quite a lot I never knew / still don’t know about myself. This Mind Key cover is — as the internet kids say — everything.

Ribspreader — Crawl and Slither

A Napalm Death-esque band logo font? Win. Not just one, but two H.R. Giger Alien-looking creations? Win. (But, like, also: UGHHHH. Imagine John Hurt having TWO of these freaking things coming out of him.) I’m pretty here for this. I’m also pretty here for how derpy the right chestburster looks, relative to his counterpart on the left.

Motive — Fight the World

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, kids: if your artist creates an album cover that makes me go, “Huh, that looks like something Ghoul would do!” you’re gonna have a good time. And, also, probably gonna be featured in this here column. I see you, Motive. I see you.

Sikfuk — Diarrhea Duet

What…is this? Why…is this? How…is this? I genuinely don’t know what to say here, folks.

Freighter — The Den

Yyyyyyyep. I’ve always said there’s nothing like an Instagram-ready shot of a nice, wooded ranch house to get me ready to headbang, that’s for sure. Definitely a thing I’ve said before. No, I can’t tell you when. In any case, way to look out for my steam-blowoff needs, Freighter!

That’ll do it for this edition! As always, suggestions, comments and vicious verbal attacks go in the comments section, where I’ll maybe read them. Check back next week for more!


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