CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (October 11, 2019)

cursed imagery

Mornin’, all. Another Friday, another edition of Cursed Imagery to fill your eye holes. We’ve got some good ‘uns, some not-quite-so-good ‘uns and everything in between. And it’s also pay day for me, so chances are I’ll be buying some music not featured on this list! But, that’s beside the point. Let’s jump into the point now. Here are this week’s album art highlights!

Screamer — Highway of Heroes


The ’70s are strong in this one. Very strong.

Your Highness — Your Highness

There could be a whole concept here, an emotional saga, a lyrical arc throughout the songs on this album…and yet, all I’m ever gonna think looking at this is “Oh, it’s Treebeard.”

Skyryder — Vol. 1

Skyryder’s logo is…a choice. But fair play to them on the rest of this thing. I mean, who among us doesn’t enjoy a good game of Photoshop?

Silent Call — Windows

I rather like this one. It’s a cold, wintery — note: not gr1m and fr0stb1tten — and strangely soothing image. Looks like something Dream Theater might have on one of their albums in a parallel universe. I’m here for it.

Crepuscle — Heavenly Skies

Heavenly, indeed. The greens and blues in this thing are just lovely, and I dig the mirrored leviathan imagery in the lettering of the logo. Definitely a fan.

Stormland — Incident Report: UC-0791227


That’ll do it for this week’s edition. Check back next week for more album art ridiculousness!


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