Initial Descent: February 16 – 22, 2020


Midway through February and just past Valentine’s Day so hope you all had a lovely one. If you did or if you didn’t, we’ve got the fix in the form of new metal and a ton of it so let’s do that, shall we? Certainly. At just three tracks, Portugal’s Innards excite the grind side of death metal with their latest quickie, Lowrider smashes a 20 year silence with their legendary desert metal and things have never sounded better, Road Warrior and Gravebreaker combine forces for a whiskey soaked, rip-roaring heavy metal hootenanny of a split, and TerrifianT pull all the stops in proving that heavy metal is as crazy as it is rowdy as hell. So, there you have it, and there’s much more to come so keep reading.

Innards - Back From the Grave, Straight In Your Face

Innards – Back from the Grave, Straight in Your Face (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

Lowrider - Refractions

Lowrider – Refractions (Blues Funeral Recordings) – stoner rock

Road Warrior : Gravebreaker - Death Promise : Death In Heels

Road Warrior / Gravebreaker – Death Promise / Death In Heels On Wheels (Gates of Hell) – metal

TerrifianT - Terrifiant

Terrifiant – S/T (Gates of Hell) – heavy metal

Also on tap:

Age of Fire – Shades of Shadow (Sliptrick) – metal

Blister Brigade – Slugfest Supreme (Inverse) – metal

Bornwithhair – Radical Moon (Independent) – extreme

Brain Fog – The Weedzard, EP (Independent) – stoner doom, duh 

Cam Bird – The Devil’s Hands (Independent) – metal

Clayshaper – Celestian (Independent) – death metal

Cult Burial – Sorrow, Single (Independent) – black / death

Deliverance – Holocaust 26: 1-46 (Deadlight) – metal

Don Jamieson – Denim and Laughter (Metal Blade) – comedy

Funeral Cult – Possession Done (Lusitanian Music) – death / doom

Hex A.D. – Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden (Fresh Tea) – prog doom

Horseneck – Fever Dream (Independent) – hardcore / sludge

Invocation – Attunement to Death (Iron Bonehead) – black / death

Isle of the Cross – Excelsis (Rockshots) – progressive death metal

Mimorium – Blood of Qayin (Spread Evil) – black metal 

Mondo Generator – Fuck It (Heavy Psych Sounds) – desert punk (album name of the year)

Mourir – Animal Bouffe Animal (Throatruiner) – black metal 

Nawaharjan – Lokabrenna (Amor Fati) – black metal

Necrobode – Sob o Feitiço do Necrobode (Iron Bonehead) – black / death

Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man (Epic) – metal

Polaris – The Death Of Me (SharpTone) – metalcore

Postvorta – Porrima (Sludgelord / 22 Dicembre) – black metal

Primeval Mass – Nine Altars (Katoptron IX) – black / heavy

Putrescine – The One Reborn + Bonus Tracks, Cassette Release (Tridroid) – death metal

Raspberry Bulbs – Before the Age of Mirrors (Relapse) – blackened occult punk 

Ritual King – S/T (Ripple Music) – stoner / psych

Runescarred – The Distant Infinite (Independent) – prog metal

Saturnalia Temple – Gravity (Listenable) – metal

Simplefast – Eternal (Sliptrick) – thrash

Slaughter Messiah – Cursed to the Pyre (High Roller) – thrash

Solo Ansamblis – Olos (Artoffact) – post-punk

Spankraght – Thou Shalt Drown In the Blood of Thy Children (Independent) – industrial metal 

Throne of Iron – Adventure One (No Remors) – metal

Torpëdo – Mechanic Tyrants (Gates of Hell) – speed metal

Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi (Scarlet) – folk metal

We Sell the Dead – Black Sleep (earMusic) – metal

Witchcrawl – World Without End (Katoptron IX) – heavy metal

Wrekmeister Harmonies – We Love To Look At the Carnage (Thrill Jockey) – drone

Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader) – progressive death

– Josh

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