The Third Circle of Bandcamp: January 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

Welcome back friends, how is 2020 treating you? Canada is sicking their federal dogs on indigenous protesters and a new coronavirus has infected tens of thousands globally. Are you feeling the doom? I’m feeling the doom. And so is January’s Third Circle.

We open with a doom trifecta from Konvent, Restless Spirit, and Garganjua. Let Rikke Emilie List’s ridiculously good vocals grind you into a pulp, before a sludgy segue followed by another winner from Holy Roar. Next up is from the endlessly creative avant-garde of Thy Catafalque’s latest. Then we chillax a bit with the intro track to the new Caspian, which I highly recommend. A beautiful piano piece from the new Sylvain/Unreqvited split gives you a last few calm moments before we end back where we started with the slow doom of The Osedax’s deep sea dive.

See you next month.

One of these albums is Name Your Price, and the total for the rest is just shy of $48. To create this album would cost about $7. Support artists!


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