The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Intronaut was February 2020’s Album of the Month!

Episode 33 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing is for the February Album of the Month pick which is Fluid Existential Inversions from L.A.’s Intronaut and it’s another stellar stop on their journey that’s taken them from sludge to atmospheric post-metal to truly progressive metal and everything in between. But, one thing is, and has been, abundantly clear about the band; each new album sees them actually progress in lieu of stagnate. Because of that, the conversation was all over the place but a deep discussion was had and resoundingly everyone liked it to one degree or another.

intronaut band
Intronaut (photo by Vince Edwards)

Jon had the pick this month and was joined by first-timer Ian and long-timer Vince with Charles and Buke rounding out the bullpen. There’s lots of talk surrounding Intronaut’s past and how it has shaped their trajectory over the years, the effects of a new drummer on this recording, the band’s Cloudkicker connection, and BASS LINES aplenty, as well as colorful commentary surrounding the genius of Fluid Existential Inversions and how it stacks up.

All that, and of course lots of talk surrounding several other albums that piqued everyone’s interest in February. And, since we missed January’s pick, there’s plenty more from the first month of the year. At a little over an hour there’s a load of talk and great music mentioned, so jump in and satiate your desire for podcast companionship. Support your favorite music!

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In the meantime, listen to Intronaut, check out Jon’s full review of Fluid Existential Inversions, and we’ll see you next month! 

Fluid Existential Inversions is available now on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Intronaut, visit their Facebook page.

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