CANTO: Suicide Silence, Fallujah, Hostia, and More


Week nine of this shit I think? Who cares. I’m having beer delivered shortly.

  • Suicide Silence are the latest to announce a virtual tour, and this one sounds pretty cool. The band will be offering unique sets, exclusive merchandise, and custom experiences for each market. That’s a creative way to put a “world tour” spin on the virtual tour reality we’ve become familiar with, and I’m all for it.
  • This seems pretty definitive. While previous rumblings that Mayhem Fest was going to return in 2020 didn’t quite pan out due to the current pandemic, the festival organizers appear ready for a full return in 2021.
  • It appears as though Fallujah are back in the studio, getting to work on a new record. I’m curious how they follow up Undying Light, which I wasn’t crazy about, because I was crazy about The Flesh Prevails and to a lesser extent Dreamless. We shall see…
  • Hostia has a new album dropping called Carnivore Carnival this fall through the Deformeathing Production label. They offered their first track from that effort today, called “Slaves”, so we will tie things up with that.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

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