Receiving the Evcharist: Many Blessings and Popfuji Pilsners

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations. Drink from the cup of heresy. This week’s offering: Many Blessings’ Emanation Body and Brouwerij West’s Popfuji Pilsner.  

The Tunes: Many Blessings’ Emanation Body

many blessings emnation body

What does one do when one looks outside and sees the world as a horror movie writ large?  For Denver’s Ethan Lee McCarthy, you make the soundtrack for it all.  Known for his work across the heavy music spectrum in Vermin Womb and Primitive Man, McCarthy also has a hand in the noise scene with his releases as Many Blessings, the latest of which is the new full length Emanation Body.  The album feels, unsurprisingly, very much like a continuation of the harsh noise work that Primitive Man inject into their albums, but allowed to grow and stretch itself beyond the confines it was once placed in.  For all the moments on this album that hit the listener hard, I think Emanation Body’s greatest strength lies in its subtlety.  With most tracks landing around ten minutes in length, there is a lot more room to slowly build, layering sounds upon sounds until the end result appears nothing like what you were listening to just minutes ago, growing from simple pulsing rhythms and echo ridden samples into towering monoliths full to the brim with feelings of dread.  This isn’t the harshest noise I’ve ever listened to, but there isn’t a moment here that could be described as ‘comfortable’; there’s always the sense that something terrible is around the corner, that ruin is headed straight for you, and when the walls of blaring noise do finally hit you, it hits with all that intensity built up behind it.  The elements here are woven with a much more deft hand than I usually see in harsher spectrums of noise, and that puts Emanation Body up there with some of my favorite albums in the genre I’ve heard in recent memory.

The Booze: Brouwerij West’s Popfuji Pilsner

brouwerij west popfuji

I made a goal for myself this summer to break out of my beer ruts the same way I’ve been trying to break myself out of musical ruts lately.  I’ve often not given the same attention to pilsners and other lighter styles of beer that I do others, and with summer pretty much here, it seemed like this would be a good way to dodge the endless waves of IPA’s that permeate Southern California grocery stores.  Thus, we arrive at Brouwerij West’s Popfuji pilsner, a great reminder that I’m on the right track with this decision to branch out.  Popfuji is one of those pilsners that’s so satisfying that it makes me question why I don’t go for this style more often, with sharp notes of bright citrus and white grape that give a nice pop to the yeasty, malty backdrop of the drink.  The finish is crisp and sweet with a floral kick that rounds everything out beautifully.  For a day spent sitting in front of a fan, this feels like the perfect way to kick back at the end of it.

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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