The Third Circle of Bandcamp: May 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp headerACAB. Black Lives Matter. Transphobes can DIAF.

What, you don’t come here for the politics? Too fuckin’ bad. This is my house. Two things make me happy: people in the streets, and music. I can’t be in the streets due to health reasons, but I can sure as shit find and share music. So that’s what I’m doing.

Why link those two things together? Because tomorrow Bandcamp is donating 100% of their cut to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. So go buy some tunes. Buy lots of tunes. Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that cops are throwing Black people in jail during these protests, and they’re going to need lawyers. So make with the buying.

How are you still here? Ah right, the tunes. Here’s May’s mix of fantastic Bandcamp finds, may it fuel your purchasing frenzy. Also make sure you go through all the other Third Circles for purchase ideas.

This one’s a little different, as I haven’t been able to stop playing Ital Tek, so I hope you like experimental electronic. It’s pretty heavy, so I think you’ll like it. We have In The Company of Serpents, for your dose of ridiculously creative and heavy sludge. If you liked Elder last month, you can’t go wrong with Bloody Mallard, who deliver excellent psychedelic prog. Paradise Lost (album of the month, review) makes a triumphant return with their doomy gothic metal (which IMO has some good melodeath crossover), and prolific Unreqvited delivers another engaging atmospheric black metal album. If you liked that, AFSKY (see Vincent’s Eucharist) delivers more quality atmoblack, and if you like your black metal like I like my coffee (just black), then October Falls (review) is sure to tickle your fancy. Adzes (review) delivers an album for the ages with unforgiving political content that will not suffer a centrist, while hammering you with hardcore riffs and thick sludge. Finally, I cheat a bit with a track from Beastwars’ live release, which you should absolutely check out if the word “sludge” makes you perk up.

Create this playlist for about $18, or buy everything for about $69 (nice). One of these albums is Name Your Price. Support artists and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

– Charles

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