Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Four

Greetings and salutations, friends and fiends.  Peeking out from under the covers to see if the world has gotten any better since last week and…uh…yeah, nope.  Gonna just get back under here with my pretzels and beer and VCR and see if playing more horror movies will help improve things.  At least we got some hilarious tweets about that fly in Pence’s hair.

Anyway, let’s get to the recaps…

Janelle Monáe is Eden, a plantation slave on a confederate base desperately trying to escape the horror of her circumstances. Janelle Monáe is also Victoria, a renowned author and sociologist, celebrating a night out with her friends. How these two stories come together is pretty obvious after a few minutes, but damn it’s a good looking movie….

(full review here)

It’s been four years since the initial outbreak that caused havoc in the first film, and Korea has been relegated to a no-man’s land, completely cut off from the rest of the world. After a horrific event on a boat to Hong-Kong causes solider Jung-seok and his brother-in-law Chul-min to fund for themselves as outcasts. There’s a chance to make big money though if they’ll travel back to Korea to retrieve a truck with millions of dollars of cash inside. Too bad the only problem isn’t the thousands of infected roaming the streets…looks like Korea isn’t as abandoned as everyone thought…

(full review here)

Just outside of the famous Keloid Plastic Surgery Center a young woman named Rose is involved in a horrific motorcycle accident with her boyfriend. Critically injured and with no time to get to a general hospital, she is operated on at the clinic, using a new experimental process involving…wait for it…morphogenetically neutral skin grafts on her tissue and organs. A month she awakens, but something went wrong, because now in what is surely a thinly-veiled metaphor she has a vampiric organ that shoots our of her armpit and drains the blood from the men and women she preys upon, only to have them rise and attack others. It’s a world gone mad and as the city gets more and more rabid it would normally be up to the boyfriend to save Rose from herself, but this is Cronenberg, so the ending is gonna be something that you won’t see coming…

(full review here)

A military general is convicted – and then freed – from the atrocious warcrimes he committed during the Guatemalan Civil War of the 1980s. Trapped in his house with his wife, daughter and granddaughter, the help leaves terrified for their lives. Enter Alma, a young woman who brings with her the pain and ghosts of the general’s past. Is she the living incarnation of La Llorona, or something much worse…

(full review here)

Cecilia breaks away from her abusive, controlling husband, the optics pioneer Adrian Griffin. Fearful for her life, she gets a little relief when she learns he is dead, having committed suicide. But has he? Because Cee is starting to feel like Adrian is still around, watching her every move. And now he’s maybe even more dangerous…

(full review here)

Since Week 4 leaned real heavy on new films, next week we’ll be taking a step back for some older fare, including a number of sequels to both obscure and campy horror classics. We’ve also got a pair of newer releases, including a joyful zombie horror comedy and a coming of age mermaid tale that are definitely worth your time.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.


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