Blood Red, AUDIO EDITION: Episode 3 — Host (2020) and The Platform (2019)

Someday, we’ll be able to do these horror excursions in a more timely manner. But until then, here’s the good news: we’re sorry!

By way of an apology for our first episode in… almost two months… we jump back in the saddle with a conversation about TWO horror films for your listening, er… pleasure? And guess what? Our resident horror noob, Buke, picked both of them!

First up, we dig into Host: a nifty, resourceful little Shudder exclusive from earlier this year involving a seance gone wrong – all performed and produced over a Zoom call! (+ 19 current event points). After that, we take a look back at last year’s The Platform – a psychological mind-bender with a metric fuckton to say about the world we’re living in. SPOILER ALERT: we (mostly) liked ’em both!

All that as well as a bunch of the usual stuff — Buke’s video games, Dan’s NOT-metal-listening, etc. — you’d expect from Blood Red‘s audio edition. So jump on in and give it a listen!

Host is available to stream exclusively via Shudder.
The Platform is available to stream exclusively via Netflix.

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