Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Six

The end is fast approaching.  Take that any way you like; but (for now) I mean that we’ve hit 30 of the requisite 31 films at this point in Hooptober.  I’m aiming to complete the bonus two films as well as the final official entry next week, so there’s still one more Blood Red left before we part for another year. 

In the meantime, let’s get to the recaps…

Dave is an utter shit of a human being, so much so that LITTLE MONSTERS has to work twice as hard to redeem him by the end. Down on his luck, out of love and with serious commitment issues he stays with his sister and little nephew, trying to get back on his feet. A school trip to the local animal farm with the beautiful Miss Caroline (Nyong’o) is just thing…except for that pesky zombie outbreak. Can the kids survive? Can Dave grow the fuck up? How much more beautiful and charismatic can Lupita Nyong’o be? Josh Gad? Really? All this and more, including the usual zombie gore await, provided the US military doesn’t blow it all to hell first…

(full review here)

Beth and Vera, two very different teenagers move into their great Aunt’s creepy old home with their mother. That night they are prey to a vicious home invasion that mentally scars Beth who witnessed unspeaking acts of violence on her sister and mother. Years later, a hysterical call from Vera takes Beth back that old house, where secrets come to life, showing her that maybe the horrors she thought she put behind aren’t so far behind after all…

(full review here)

The Lusman Arms is one of those old fashioned Hollywood apartment complexes…you know, the ones with runes cast into the stones, a hidden townhouse buried within its walls and a homocidal maniac who kills everyone? You know who didn’t know that? Poor Nell and Steven, who just moved in trying to start their life together. Death by drill, nail gun, and other tools (get it?) are the order of the day as Nell desperately tries to figure out what happening instead of just moving out as soon as her neighbors start dying…

(full review here)

After tragically losing his wife and daughter in a car accident, acclaimed composer John Russell moves to Seattle to get away from the reminders of his loss. In true horror movie trope fashion he moves into a spooky old mansion where a pesky poltergeist starts to cause trouble. Is it the ghost of his daughter, haunting him? Or is it something altogether more sinister, with implications reaching into the state senate? That’s right…this shit gets into weird places, and only George C. Scott can stop it…

(full review here)

Young Tom, newly freed from the religious enclave who raised him rents a small lake house to figure out if the life of the faithful is for him when he meets Nina, a young, beautiful woman who swims up from the water. Complicating matters is Al, a young man who lost his husband in the water, and believes Nina is more than she appears… 

(full review here)

A short finale next week, where we look at the brand new sequel to one of my favorites films from this go-round, another mythic sea creature films with a very different perspective, and a sequel to a cult Canadian horror gem. And maybe a few words about how horror helped during a time where picking up a newspaper might be the most horrific part of the day.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.


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