Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Se7ev

Last night we sat and counted the final minutes until the month changed over.  Another one down, and an extra hour to boot.  Small recompense for the lifeless dread I feel as I write these words.  Maybe I watch horror to capture this feeling in a way I can contain, as opposed to the reality which feels much too big to properly grasp and control.  We ultimately use art for our own ends, and though I was looking forward to moving on to other genres now that Hooptober. was ending I find myself wanted to creep back into the dark once more.  

I’m still here, still masked, wondering when I can take the costume off.

Once last time, let’s get to the recaps…

Mia is on the cup of womanhood, but also just arriving at a new school after her parents move. Eager to create a new life for herself, she gets in with a crowd and experiences all the pains go growing up, from her first period to peer pressure to sex and alcohol. Oh yeah, she’s also developing these weird habits for drinking salt water and eating fish from her aquarium, and that doesn’t even begin to explain the sudden webbing of her toes, or the weird bruises and sloughing skin of her legs, or those odd slits appearing on her sides…

(full review here)

New folks, new cube…really it’s not much more than that. Oh, this one maybe bends time and space and might be used by the government to test quantum teleportation, although I’d have to think there’s a cheaper way to do that instead of building a massive cube with moving rooms and geometric killer shapes and weird gravity and toss a bunch of strangers in, right? Right????

(full review here)

Two years later Alfie and Nara are living on the edge after having survived the events of the first film. In the first of quite a few WTF? moments they get kidnapped by a bunch of kids and are brought to an abandoned orphanage. Turns out these kids were viciously abused by their caretaker, who they burned alive in the basement. Now they’re being haunted, and having read about Alfie’s exploits they need her to help them escape whatever curse is happening. Shit gets crazy as it turns out the man many have made a similar deal Alfie’s father did, and when the saw blades and chairs start to fly, it’s up to Alfie to survive and save the day in any way she can…

(full review here)

Who knows where any of us will be next year? All we can do see if the end of each pitch black night takes us to another day. I hope when we look outside we can see each other, if only briefly, looking back.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.


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