Initial Descent: February 28 – March 6, 2021


Change blows. I hate change when it hits somewhat close to home. Generalities here as no one cares about the details, but let me just say that if change finds you and there’s nothing you can physically do about it, don’t let it eat you up. Embrace it and move on as life is too short. Anyway, the only change to endure here is a new batch of fresh metal and again, we’ve got tons of it; death metal from vastly different ends of the spectrum from Baest, Bonecarver, and Exanimis, then a rather gazey post-metalish outing from Som. All of these are excellent in their own ways and are can’t miss efforts, but that’s definitely just the beginning so keep reading and explore everything else. And, don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone simply due to genre tags. You might miss something crazy good. Enjoy the hunt and we’ll be seeing you throughout the week.

Baest – Necro Sapiens (Century Media) – death metal

Bonecarver – Evil (Unique Leader) – death metal

Som – Awake (Blood Blast Distribution / Pelagic) – gazey

Exanimis – Marionnettiste (Klonosphere) – symphonic death metal

Also on tap:

Acid Mammoth – Caravan (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom

Arctic Sleep – By the Horns, Original Soundtrack (Independent) – metal

Blind Monarch – What Is Imposed Must Be Endured, Vinyl (Dry Cough / Heavenly Vault) – doom

Butterfly – Doorways of Time (Petrichor) – trad metal

Dayeater – Sweet Earth (Independent) – psych

Dreamshade – A Pale Blue Dot (Independent) – metal

Eptagon – (Independent) – noise

Flesh of the Stars – Mirror / Vessels, EP (Independent) – prog doom

Golgotha – Remembering the Past – Writing the Future (Xtreem Music) – doom

Gorr – Kvit Som Snøen, Kald I Blikket (Independent) – doom

Hænesy – Garabontzia (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Hallucination – S/T, Demo Tape Reissue (Sentient Ruin) – hardcore / noise

Kaskaskia – Fleecian Winter Majesty (Pacific Threnodies) – atmospheric black metal

Kjeld – Ôfstân (Heidens Hart) – black metal

King Bong – Ogopogo (Mandrone) – psych rock

Magefa – Exenteration (Independent) – death metal

Meuchelmord – Mordmelodien (Purity Through Fire) – german black metal

Mork – Katedralen (Peaceville) – black metal

Nadsvest / Necrobode – Split (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Nixil – All Knots Untied (Independent) – black metal

:Nodfyr – Eigenheid (Van) – metal

Order of Nosferat – Necuratul (Purity Through Fire) – black metal 

Pustilence – The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End (Personal Records) – death metal

Reaper – The Atonality of Flesh (Iron Bonehead) – death/black metal

Recall the Remains – Dead Dreams, EP (Independent) – modern metal

Recluse – Lay Your Darkness Down With Me (Independent) – rock

Requiem For Oblivion – Hindsight 2020, EP (Independent) – tech death

Spam Javelin – The Three Chords of the Apocalypse (Link2Wales) – punk

Sporae Autem Yuggoth – The Plague of the Aeons (Personal) – death / doom

Starscape – Colony (Stormspell) – heavy metal

Stella Research Committee – A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness (Fernald Feed Archives / Cruel Nature) – noise

Stormtide – A Throne of Hollow Fire (Metal Hell) – death metal 

Suburban Savages – Demagogue Days (Apollon Records Prog) – prog

Sullen – Nodus Tollens – Act I: Oblivion (Independent) – prog

Terror – Trapped In A World (Independent) – hardcore 

The Harvest Trail – Instinct (Independent) – melodic death metal

The Hyena Kill – A Disconnect (APF) – rock

Ungraven / Slomatics – Split (Blackbow) – sludge

Vorkuta – Wandering Alone In the Forest of Transcendence, EP (Deathlike Noise / Metal Or Die) – black metal

Vulture Industries – The Malefactor’s Bloody Register (Dark Essence) – prog metal

Witherfall – Curse of Autumn (Century Media) – melodic metal

Wolf King – The Pathof Wrath (Prosthetic) – metal

Wolvennest – Temple (Van) – psych / black metal

Wÿntër Ärvń – Abysses (Antiq) – neofolk

Xibalba – Ancients (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – black metal

Zaratus – In the Days of Whore (Van) – black metal


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