TECHNICALLY INCLINED, Episode 2: Spawn of Possession’s “Incurso”

We’re back for another round of Technically Inclined! Episode 2 — which, for those keeping score at home, means this idea already has more traction than approximately 70% of ideas Dan has had for Nine Circles over the years — features a conversation on Spawn of Possession, and their landmark final album, Incurso.

Plus, a new fighter joins! Nine Circles’  own Scholar of the First Sin, Hera, enters the ring to share her own tech death enthusiasm with the crew. And to help educate our brave lil’ boy further. She’ll be a regular on this segment going forward, so everyone say a big “HI, HERA!”

Jump in, take a listen, and — with apologies to Archspire — stay tech!

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Keep it heavy,

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