Endseeker’s Ben Liepelt on “Mount Carcass,” the magic of Dimebag, European metal festivals, and much more!

endseeker band

Mount Carcass is the latest from German death metal merchants Endseeker, and it dives deep into that classic old school sound pioneered by the likes of Entombed, Carnage, and Dismember.  Sure, it’s easy to grab an HM-2 and tune down to Drop B, but Endseeker bring the songwriting chops and vision to not just emulate the old guard but bring their own modern spin to the genre.  The riffs are tight, the groove is firmly in the pockets, and the tone?  Chef’s kiss, my friends.    

Our man on the mic Buke took some time to sit down with Endseeker guitarist Ben Liepelt to run the usual Audio Thing gamut of, well…everything.  Things kick off with life for a musician recording an album during lockdown and how the pandemic is still running riot in Europe, but once early influences kick and and the mighty Pantera is mentioned we’re off to the races.  It’s a great conversation, so settle in for some fun and then make sure to check out Mount Carcass…just be prepared to break some furniture when you hear the hammer smash of songs like “Bloodline” and “Count the Dead” blast from those speakers… 

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Mount Carcass is available now on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Endseeker, visit their website and  Facebook page.

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