Premiere: Gargowitch — “Cannibal Troten”

You may recall the premiere of “Les doigts de lampée – De la merde, lacustre – Cannibal troten“ back in March right here at Nine Circles. That stream, of course, was brought forth in anticipation of the first ever physical release of the first demos from French black noise practitioners Gargowitch, Avidee and Cannibal Troten. And today, it is our absolute pleasure to share the entirety of the mind-numbing journey that is Cannibal Troten, the latter of the two releases. Get lost in the 46 minutes of complete chaos immediately after the jump.

Building on the seemingly infinite darkness that was the opening track premiered a few months ago, “Les 3 soeurs violent – Dans ma pute de peau – Assassin oral respublic – Kokhitr, mort-né” somehow manages to pile on to those unrelenting, unrestrained themes even further. While offering some spells of more familiar black metal passages early, as well as quieter (yet still very jarring) moments of stillness and doom, there is a certain underlying pain depicted in the noise and howls that truly help complete the Cannibal Troten picture. Simply put, another 26 minutes of unpredictable twists and turns further drive home how limitless the depths of this album are. Personally, it is both challenging to get through, yet something I can’t seem to turn off. Either way, there’s no doubt that this project needs to be consumed in full.

Anyway, let’s recap some key points. Formed back in 2018, the Gargowitch discography consists of the two aforementioned 2019 demos and one full-length album from 2020, Demonic Blues, all completely self-released. Both the Avidee and Cannibal Troten physical releases will be limited to 100 jewel case CDs each. They are still available through this Devoted Art Propaganda order form. Have I mentioned how much I love the DIY nature of this operation? Be sure to keep track of all Devoted Art Propaganda releases and happenings through their website.

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