Initial Descent: October 17 – 23, 2021


As we inch closer and closer to Devil’s Night, this week of new metal absolutely has any and all soundtrack needs covered. And, we’re cranking the chainsaw with a smattering of death metal and a pinch of doom thrown in for good measure. First up is a band that, to me, is legendary in death metal and has always encapsulated what that genre tag means: the mighty MASSACRE. Am I excited? Damn right. It’s been too long, but they’re back with a great album. Following that is an absurdly nasty death doom outing from Worm, a 50/50 merge of Swedish and Floridian leaning death metal from Lovecraftianists Bizarre, slamming death groove from Waking The Cadaver, and, as always, a ton more in the list below. Dig in and enjoy!

Massacre - Resurgence

Massacre – Resurgence (Nuclear Blast) – death metal

Worm - Foreverglade

Worm – Foreverglade (20 Buck Spin) – death doom

Bizarre - Invocation Codex

Bizarre – Invocation Codex (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

Waking the Cadaver - Authority Through Intimidation

Waking The Cadaver – Authority Through Intimidation (Unique Leader Records) – death metal

Also on tap:

Amon Sethis – Part O: The Queen With the Golden Hair (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Apparition – Feel (Profound Lore) – death metal

Armored Saint – Symbol of Salvation, Live (Metal Blade) – heavy metal

Blackfold – Solarus (Trepanation Recordings) – doom

Blackwater Holylight – Silence/Motion (RidingEasy Records) – progressive metal

Cognos – S/T (Willowtip) – prog

Cradle of Filth – Existence Is Futile (Nuclear Blast) – symphonic black metal

Deimler – A Thousand Suns (Xtreem) – death metal

Don’t Grow Old // Burr – Split, EP (Nefarious Industries) – noise rock

Dust Mountain – Hymns for the Wilderness (Svart) – psych rock

Ember Sun – On Earth and Heaven (code666) – funeral doom

Every Time I Die – Radical (Epitaph) – metal

Evil Spell – Padre Vostro (Blasphemous / Music for the Masses) – black / thrash

Exsul – Allegoresis (Caligari) – death metal

Ezra Brooks / Serpent Rider – Visions of Esoteric Splendor (No Remorse) – metal 

Fathom Farewell – Kraken, EP (Blood Blast) – metal

Foreignwolf – Your Weapons, Your Words, EP (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Fox Oak – Trolsk Earth, EP (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) – ambient

Furze – Black Psych Tormentor (Independent) – black metal

Ghoul – Live In the Flesh (Tankcrimes) – metal

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth (Not Music) – black / sludge

Green Lung – Black Harvest (Svart) – metal

Hand of Kalliach – Samhainn (Independent) – metal

Helgrind – Insurrection (Metal Rocka / One Eyed Toad / Cargo) – thrash

Hex A.D. – Funeral Tango for Gods & Men (Fresh Tea) – prog doom

Horns of Domination – Where Voices Leave No Echo (Sepulchral Voice) – black / death

Ignea / Ersedu – Bestia (Independent) – melodic metal

In Crucem Agere – Calling the Void (code666) – black metal

In The Whale – Vanishing Point (Riot Records) – alt rock

Kimura – Circle the Prey (Independent) – metal

Kira – S/T (Kitten Robot Records) – dark minimalism

Knife – S/T (Dying Victims Productions) – speed metal 

Kolossus – K (My Kingdom Records) – black metal

Le Chant Noir – La Société Satanique des Poètes Morts (Personal Records) – avantgarde black metal

Organic – Where Graves Abound (Testimony) – death metal

Persona – Animal (Independent) – modern metal

Phantom Fire – The Bust of Beezlebub (Edged Circle) – heavy metal

Primeval Well – Talkin’ in Tongues with Mountain Spirits (Moonlight Cypress Archetypes) – gothic black metal

Ravenous – Hubris (Feast Beast / Spiritual Beast) – power metal

Scarecrow – II (Wise Blood) – doom rock

Seims – Four (Art As Catharsis) – post-rock

Sexmag – Sex Metal (Dying Victims Productions) – black metal

Shadowland – The Necromancer’s Castle (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths II (Apollon Records Prog) – prog rock

Skanners – Greatest Hits (Music for the Masses) – heavy metal

Slaves of Kali – Uncharted Trails (Independent) – modern metal

Starset – Horizons (Fearless) – rock

Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot – Have We Lost Our Mind or Have We Found Our Soul?, EP (Artificial Head) – psych rock

Sulphurous – The Black Mouth of Sepulchre (Dark Descent / Me Saco Un Ojo / Dessicated) – death metal

The Sonic Overlords – Last Days of Babylon (M-Theory Audio) – doom / rock

Thirteen Bled Promises – Foundation (Lacerated Enemy Records) – tech death

Venus Syndrome – Cannibal Star (Rockshots) – prog

Zych – Dante’s Inferno Part I (Metal Assault) – prog metal


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