Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0 – Week Six

Five more down…only four movies left. This is the penultimate Blood Red for 2021, and I’m surprised that there’s still some fuel, some drive to watch more horror. It helped that I put some emphasis this week on Hammer, one of my favorite horror studios. If you thought the studio was just the home for reimagining of some of the classic Universal monsters, then I humbly offer two fantastic films that stray from that path. Both Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures) and The Devil Rides Out take a very different path, and also feature very different roles from two of the greatest horror performers of all time: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Nowadays the Indonesian film industry is getting its just credit with some incredible genre films, but if you want an early slice that feels like if Evil Dead met the work of the Shaw Brothers, check out Queen of Black Magic. And while I can’t in good conscious recommend Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, I will tell you that I did laugh out loud a couple of times. Plus you get some really demented scenes featuring a snowman, so if that’s your jam, go for it. Finally, all that Hammer put me in the mood for some old fashioned monster love, so I checked out Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell and was entirely satisfied.

We’re almost to the end, folks. As always, scan the summaries, check out the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, and I’ll see you in seven days… 

Captain Clegg was a ruthless pirate who we see briefly punish a brute for assaulting his wife, who died in childbirth. Years later the British Royal Navy seize upon the tranquil town of Dymchurch to investigate potential smuggling of spirits. But the town tells stories of a different kind of spirit, the “Marsh Phantoms” who prowl the marshes and kill unsuspecting folks, such as old Tom Ketch. Soon the Royal Navy led by Captain Collier has to square off against the town led by Parson Blyss, who is determined to keep his town safe and cared for…no matter the cost. Bu why is the brute so angry at the mere sight of Blyss? Wo or what are the mysterious skeletons riding in the marshes, and the scarecrows with the moving eyes? And what about that jawline on Oliver Reed? All will be revealed…

(full review here)

Kids get into the weirdest things…just ask Nicholas, the The Duke De Richleau and his American friend Rex, who discover their young ward Simon has gotten mixed up with a mysterious cult. Sacrificial chickens in trucks, pentagrams on the floor can only mean one thing: someone is trying to call forth the Goat of Mendes, the Devil himself! Nicholas much put his extensive research into the occult arts to the test against the fiendish Mocata, who seems to hold power over time and space itself, willing young Simon and the beautiful Tanith to take part in the ritual to bring the Dark Lord forth. Good thing Nicholas knows a few tricks of his own, and has the power of Jesus Christ on his side!

(full review here)

Murni is devastated. She reluctantly gave away her virginity to local playboy Kohar, but now he’s marrying another woman. On the he day of their wedding the village is plagued by wicked black magic and Kohar riles up the village to blame Murni so she can’t speak the truth. Thrown off a mountain and left for dead, she is discovered by a shamanistic practitioner of black magic, and she takes her revenge. But is revenge what she wants, or is she now merely the tool for another man’s desires? Maybe the wandering holy man preaching the tenants of islam can solve this…

(full review here)

Mutant killer snowman Jack Frost is back to take revenge (see how the title works?) on the lawman who put him away in the first movie. You’d think this would be a problem since said lawman is vacationing with a group of lovely ladies in the Caribbean, right? Wrong! Jack Frost apparently has the power to manifest without succumbing to the heat? Maybe? I don’t know – I never watched the first film and am just assuming the coffee that was spilled into his anti-freeze prison in the film’s opening gave him the power to be moderately amusing and kill people.

(full review here)

Simon Helder is a brilliant young surgeon, caught during a grave robbing incident continuing the experiments of infamous Baron Von Frankenstein. He’s committed to an insane asylum, the same one the Baron was committed to years earlier. There he finds the doctor carrying on, having made a deal with the director to fake his death and take over the ministrations to the asylums patients. The pair, along with the beautiful mute Sarah continue their attempts to create new life from the parts of the dead, and when they do, it turns out the monster isn’t quite as happy about the success as the scientists are. Secrets are revealed, much glass is shattered, even more blood is splattered, and Peter Cushing once again proves why he’s the absolute best. His brain came from a genius! His body from a killer! And his soul? FROM HELL!

(full review here)

We’re almost there. Witches, skulls, and…Scooby Doo? Yup, we’re going to some weird places for the finale.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.

– Chris

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