Monolord’s Thomas Jäger on new album “Your Time To Shine,” readying for an upcoming tour, thoughts on the afterlife, being a music teacher, and much more!


Your Time To Shine is Monolord‘s fifth full length release since exploding onto the doom metal scene back in 2014 with their excellent debut Empress Rising. To say their rise in this genre has been anything other than meteoric would be an atrocity, and even including ‘rise’ in that statement is misleading since their debut captured fans from across the globe and landed on many best of lists. Their sound has become the new standard in doom metal for anyone looking for something outside the ‘paint by numbers’ formula that’s been around for so long. And, with every album since, their star shines ever brighter. Your Time To Shine continues this tradition and further cements their legacy in doom metal. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat with Thomas Jäger via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

For this discussion, Buke caught vocalist and guitarist Thomas Jäger on the eve of the album’s release as he was just starting to see the buzz surrounding the album get louder and louder. The two chat about the new album and how it came together, how they are hoping an upcoming tour will happen, his other profession as a music teacher and full on thoughts about that, whether the afterlife is a thing or not, and the amazing nugget of how the album cover art came together. They also cover the importance of not making the same album twice, having direction and rules within the band and how they enjoy a lack of all those most of the time, the choice to stick to five tracks and why, and a track pick that represents where the band are today. All this and so much more is covered so jump in and enjoy.

Monolord - Your Time To Shine

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Your Time To Shine is available now on Relapse Records. For more information on Monolord, visit their official website.

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