Premiere: NOISEPOETNOBODY — “Potential vs Eventual”

Tomorrow, April 15th, the new EP from NOISEPOETNOBODY finally sees the light of day. Released through Scry Recordings, Potential vs Eventual is the latest industrial noise experiment from visionary Casey Chittenden Jones, serving as a tribute to the collapse of the world around us. It’s dense, it’s jarring, and now, sitting a day ahead of its release, Nine Circles is proud to unveil this collection in full immediately below.

On the surface, the stark, droning minimalism of the NOISEPOETNOBODY project finds a curious balance between ethereal and urban industrial. The manipulation of all these very distinct sources of sound leads to an overall environment of discordance, and pessimism. A somber realization of the future that lies ahead. Yet at the same time, it makes sense. Three tracks covering half an hour, with the complex passages swerving from one to another effortlessly, ultimately make this a piece best absorbed as one continuous listen. This, without question, is the most effective way to align oneself with the perspectives presented on Potential vs Eventual, allowing the full impact to take hold. It’s an impressive display of industrial noise that leaves its mark quickly and efficiently.

Speaking from experience, having spent as much time with Potential vs Eventual as I have the last few days, this listen only becomes more complex, and more jarring, as familiarity grows. It’s incredibly easy to become embedded in the wide-ranging soundscapes, and in isolation those feelings of impending disaster become even more apparent. It’s a wild ride, one that feels longer than the actual runtime, but in a way that is absolutely necessary.

As a reminder, Potential vs Eventual is out tomorrow through Scry Recordings. Be sure to head over to the NOISEPOETNOBODY Bandcamp page to pick up this release, and explore the rest of the discography.

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