Video Premiere: Plum Green — “Here We Go”

When reflecting on the more captivating releases in recent memory, one would be wise to include Somnambulistic among the collection. The latest effort from Plum Green, which was released back in September through Nefarious Industries, is a masterful display of atmospheric dreamfolk that is as haunting as it is beautiful. Today, we’re proud to present the latest video from that album, in “Here We Go”. Give it a watch and listen directly below, and get lost in it with me.

With “Here We Go,” the penultimate track from Somnambulistic, we are offered a dreamy, ethereal experience, adjectives that certainly apply to the album as a whole, of course. While perhaps reigning in some of the more experimental structures present on other tracks in this collection, the consistent patterns and modest cadence is no less blissful. The subtle, yet varied, vocal layers flow forward effortlessly, driven by the acoustic guitar and string passages. It’s simply another example of how effectively Plum Green keeps us mesmerized on Somnambulistic.

Now, as far as the video goes, the grainy, unfocused scene serve as a perfect companion to “Here We Go”. With the slow-motion, isolated dancing serving as the (only) primary subject throughout, the viewing experience becomes a deeply personal one, driving that quality of Plum Green’s music home even further. But what I appreciate most about this clip are the nuances that emerge in the forms surrounding our main subject — the lighting (the only colored element of the video), snowy forests scenes, and a rocky coast at the very end. Additionally, the quick zoom in on the fabric of the dress in the middle of the video stands out to me as another brilliant, yet simple, detail worked in as well. The more you watch it, the more subtleties you find, and the more the Plum Green energy radiates.

And we’ll leave it at that. Needless to say, a fresh dive into Somnambulistic is necessary from here. As a reminder, that is out through Nefarious Industries, and can also be purchased through Bandcamp. Be sure to follow Plum Green on the socials to stay caught on everything, and check out the other videos in the series at the Plum Green YouTube channel.

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