Initial Descent: November 27 – December 3, 2022

Qrixkuor – images courtesy of Factotum Photography, Vika // Imago Mortis & Lukas Guidet

I’ll assume we all made it out of the holiday weekend with just a few pounds gained and no bodily harm due to drunken turkey frying or Black Friday. I did say assume, so there’s that. One month to go until we turn the page on 2022 and we’ve STILL got heaters landing; this week gives us frozen death from Qrixkuor, black metal of the avantgarde sort from Veilburner, thrash from Hammers of Misfortune, straightforward black metal from T.O.M.B., and more in the list that follows. So, go forth in your carb comas and pick up some of these. Happy hunting and see you here throughout the week.

Qrixkuor – Zoetrope, EP (Invictus / Dark Descent) – death metal

Veilburner – VLBRNR (Transcending Obscurity) – avantgarde black metal

Hammers of Misfortune – Overtaker (Independent) – thrash

T.O.M.B. – Terror Winds (Dark Essence) – black metal

Also on tap:

Aawks – (((((Heavy on the Cosmic))))) (Black Throne Productions) – fuzz

Acid Blade – Power Dive (Personal Records) – heavy metal

Aktopasa – Journey to the Pink Planet (Argonauta) – psych space rock

Amberian Dawn – Take a Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBA (Napalm Records) – ABBA metal

Anterbila – S/T (Nordvis) – black / folk

Antimonument – Concealment, Vinyl Reissue (Sentient Ruin) – experimental death metal

Appalling – Sacrilege (Personal) – black / death

Arabrot – Heart, EP (Pelagic) – art rock

Asterise – Two Worlds (Inverse) – symphonic power metal

Binary Order – Messages From The Deep (Independent) – industrial

Celestial Season – Mysterium II (Burning World) – doom

Destroyer 666 – Never Surrender (Season of Mist) – black / death

Dystopia A.D. – Doomsday Psalm (Independent) – prog death

Frøkedal / Saver – Split, EP (Pelagic) – post-metal

Funeral Mass – Shadow of the Raventhrone (Independent) – black metal

Gavran – Indistinct Beacon (Dunk!records) – doom / sludge

Getsemane – Viimaa (Svart) – prog rock

Grava – Weight of God (Aesthetic Death) – sludge

Heron – Empires of Ash (Sludgelord) – doom

Hoofmark – Blood Red Lullabies (Raging Planet) – experimental black metal

Hrad – The Forgotten Legacy (WereGnome) – black / dungeon synth

Imha Tarikat – Hearts Unchained – At War With A Passionless World (Independent) – black metal

Isafjørd – Hjartastjaki (Svart) – post-rock

Isolated Earthlings – S/T (Independent) – punk / metal

Krushhammer – Blood, Violence & Blasphemy (Helldprod Records) – black thrash

Lebrique – Head Trap (Trepanation Recordings) – noise

Lisieux – Abide! (Throatruiner) – dark folk

Lull – That Space Somewhere (Cold Spring) – drone

Mick’s Jaguar – Salvation (Tee Pee Records/Totem Cat Records) – rock

Necrodeath – Singin’ in the Pain (Time To Kill) – black / thrash

Nighnacht – Asking To Be Killed, EP (Morbid and Miserable) – death / black / thrash

Nihilist Death Cult – Death To All Tyrants (Independent) – deathpunk

Nostalghia – Wounds (Flowing Downward) – post black metal

Obvurt – Triumph Beyond Adversity (Unique Leader) – death metal

Phlebotomized – Devoted to God, Reissue (Hammerheart) – death metal

Prophetic Suffering – MMXXII (Sentient Ruin) – death metal

Ryth – Deceptor Creator (Independent) – extreme

Vector Seven – Modified (Darkhan Music) – cyberpunk

Vis Mystica – Celestial Wisdom (Dark Star) – star wars power metal

Written In Blood – S/T (Trollzorn) – melodic death metal


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