Album RAMBLE: Periphery — “Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre”

Periphery - Periphery V Djent Is Not a Genre

We (the Top Brass, Benevolent Overlords, etc: Corey, Dan K, Chris, and Josh) had so much fun drunkenly rambling about Sky Void of Stars and Foregone that we decided to come back for round three! This time around, we’re taking a first dive (some of us actually followed this rule) into Periphery V, the highly anticipated new album from djent stars Periphery. Josh is very much aware and familiar with the Periphery discography while the rest of the group is very much unaware. So. How shall this go with that in mind? Will Josh be the only one left standing? Will we collectively end up new fans after this? We ask the hard questions around here, and rarely answer them. But, maybe this time something will be answered.

Need a reminder of how this works? Sure, you can have one. We pick an album off the promo pile we’re interested in, we get drunk, and we share our first impressions. Cohesive reviews can be hard, and we don’t get paid for this shit. Deal with it. Let’s fucking go!


In which all four members of the team assemble in the chat room. Drinks are established.

Corey: The time is nigh

Dan: Time = Emit

Josh: BOOM, drink in hand.

Corey: I have two drinks in hand but also know I will need to make a fridge run at some point – can’t be lettin’ these brewskis get warm

Josh: I got my bottle close, the whole thing

Dan: Warm beer – the Kamelot of beverages


Josh: BOOM


Josh: Who studied at all with IV: Hail Stan?

Chris: I have a big-ass rusty nail, and mixed a second big ass rusty nail in my 9C flask so I am set

Corey: i got halfway through Stan today before work exploded

Dan: I ain’t do no studying

Corey: But yeah that shit rips. I didnt touch any singles from Djent tho.

Chris: I got halfway through IV: Hail Stan. That is my complete and total knowledge of Periphery

Josh: And I’ve got a new bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Corey: unlike our last couple albums

Dan: I’m gonna quit not-listening-to-Periphery cold turkey

Corey: chris and I are aligned

Josh: Spoiler, I have much dabbled with V. Had to

Corey: I am 0% surprised


Chris: And I will add…I am nervous about being the odd man out here, because it appears the “dent” is not my thing

Corey: blogging is not a subcareer

Josh: Normally not mine but here we are and Periphery rules

Chris: Or djent…fucking auto correct


Josh: HAHA





Josh: AND IS



Corey: lets see if we can keep this up for an hour and a half album haha

Dan: [narrator voice] They couldn’t

Josh: full disclosure…

Josh: I’m curious if y’all will dig this or hate it

Chris: Jesus, the last two songs are a combined 23 minutes?

Corey: ah

Josh: if you hate it blame me

Corey: wrong. 25

Corey: we would anyway, dont you sweat it

Chris: I am open to the Periphery…I am ready to accept the djent.

Dan: It’s Josh’s fault either way

Josh: Were Djented. Wait….good thing, THIS AINT A DAMN STREAM ONLY PROMO, FUCK YEAH

Dan: I’m just realizing. Isn’t the album out today anyway?

Josh: yes

Dan: I could have Apple Music’d it.

Josh: hahahahaha

Chris: Cheating – since this is out today, I am listening via Apple Music

Chris: I think the promo said to only listen if I had a PhD in Djentology and knew the band’s full discography in Latin, so no promo for me

Corey: Wait so when are we actually STARTING THE TRANSCRIPTION…and by that i mean pressing play

Chris: Josh, this was your pick so tell us when!

Josh: ok…1

Dan: Go ahead and Fart that Transshittshion

Josh: 2

Corey: a count UP?

Josh: on 3 wait…


The Stream

In which we don’t complain about streaming promos, again, consumption proceeds, opinions are exposed, and Josh is on an island.

Josh: Track 1 “Wildfire”


Dan: Y’all fuckin around too long


Josh: Heavy ass staert…or start

Corey: it’s already jenting! denting! I think!

Dan: Oh god…I…Do not think this is for me lol

Corey: This is B-A-N-S Bananas

Josh: keep an ear on Matt Halpern, drummer extraordinaire

Chris: So much of the djent…so many harmonics

Corey: I find Josh’s love for Periphery such a case study but I’m here for it!

Josh: hahahaha, love this shit

Dan: The sound effects here feel like “heavier Dragonforce”

Josh: its my happy place

Dan: The riffs aren’t bad. But the noise is lol

Chris: Is the general consensus among folks that maybe the vocals are a tad…not on the same level as the guitar histrionics?

Josh: the vocals for whatever reason just find my hell yes bone

Chris: There is a lot of “-Core” here

Josh: melodic and sorta popish and weird for me but dammit I love it

Dan: Man, gimme a Tommy Giles Rogers over this any day

Chris: I’ll say this – production-wise this is a beast. Three guitarists I believe?

Josh: yep, dudes are all over the place but it…just works JESUS…drums yall

Dan: We have… half the song left

Corey: hahahaha, There is so much happening

Josh: indeed, aint it great

Chris: Djent may not be genre, but would anyone really classify this as progressive metal? Drumming is absolutely ferocious, but I am not feeling the pop injection in the chorus. Did we just go jazz?

Corey: I’m trying to find these drums Josh speaks to but I keep getting distracted by EVERYTHING ELSE

Dan: We did, and it is instantly the best part of the song (Chris)

Josh: for some crazy reason the vocals just land right for me, same for Stan and backwards, oh yeah those horns

Chris: Sax and electro beats

Josh: dude, all over the place and BOOM right back in it

Corey: I do like this chorus – it big

Josh: I know I’m in the minority here but humor me here. there’s gold in these hills

Corey: Oh I shall humor, don’t you worry

Josh: hahaha

Dan: What the fuck is this orchestral outro out of nowhere

Corey: The good news is that the next song is only 90 seconds longer

Dan: lol

Josh: Track 2 “Atropos” chugga chugga

Chris: I’m digging the more straight ahead riff on this one

Corey: Ditto

Dan: Yes

Josh: right here…shit

Chris: Man…I really don’t like the vocals.

Josh: usually I prefer cookie monsters but this hits….for me

Corey: I don’t have much issue with em

Josh: love the layers

Chris: Is the schtick to just be completely heavy and then just go total pop for the choruses?

Dan: I actually am OK with this so far.

Josh: part of it

Dan: Will I be okay with it after NINE MINUTES? WE SHALL SEE

Corey: he wasnt

Josh: but then, just apeshit out of nowehre…nowhere

Dan: I love this arpeggio part

Josh: this is windows down and screaming shit right here. feel good stuff and bonus for the F bomb


Josh: there’s the drop

Chris: Ok, I’m more in for the heavy middle section “more like I have a heavy middle section, amirite?”

Corey: Yeah, yo, this segment fucks hard…oh wait it stopepd

Josh: its crazy how they just switch shit on a dime

Corey: oh wait its back

Dan: This is fine, but it feels a bit disjointed

Corey: disdjented

Corey: I make myself laugh. Not a good quality

Josh: great quality

Chris: I’m not here for the all spoken rap things happening

Corey: I will say, I am appreciating we aren’t at a consensus adoration of this so far unlike our first two rambles

Josh: honestly I didn’t think we would be

Corey: 20 seconds in: ALL THE FUCKING ALVINS

Josh: im all alvins here

Chris: lol

Dan: It’s probably good that the rambles aren’t just us splooging all over random albums

Corey: …but I have a feeling we will be right back to that game in April. ANYWAY THIS SONG IS ONLY LIKE HALF OVER

Josh: yep

Corey: fine, a little more than that, but you get the idea

Josh: they do like long tracks. so much ground to cover. lion king part

Chris: I was hoping with the description of a three guitar progressive metal band we’d be getting sick twisted harmonies and solos but this is really just djent breakdowns and pop interludes

Dan: I will say — and this is not a dig at Periphery — I do not recommend this album as one to start listening to at 10:30 when you’ve been up since 4:30 AM.

Chris: Except for whatever is happening in the last minute of this song…did it just become a score to a movie?

Josh: lion king dramatic part

Dan: Cirque du Peripheree

Josh: nailed it. Track 3 “Wax Wings”

Chris: ok Wax Wings a la that other band everyone fawns over now?

Corey: this song… started

Chris: What’s that band with the kid in the sweater?

Josh: no idea

Dan: This intro is by some distance the most interesting thing the album has done so far

Josh: Weezer?

Dan: Aww, and then the vocals came in…Sad


Corey: I’m still stuck on that band with that kid in that sweater

Chris: Polyphia…that intro with the clean flamenco tapping thing reminded me of that band

Corey: I believe you!

Chris: Oh lord…now we got Backstreet Boys?

Josh: this part ugh. boy band part. could’ve done without that…that solo though

Chris: I’m going to tread the old man line and say look: this sound fine, and I can see why a ton of folks would really dig it. But three songs in and this does not fit me at all.

Corey: The good news is, Chris, we only have about an hour to go

Josh: fair assessment and I saw it coming way ahead of this

Dan: Time to beer

Chris: “I’M FEELING LIKE AN EMPTY ROOM” has shades of Hatfield exclaiming “I AM THE TABLE”

Corey: This is also not quite my thing, but I’m having fun with it

Josh: Periphery is my one wild card that just does it for me…still can’t put a finger on it but it makes me happy so there’s that

Corey: It legit feels like they are cramming a musical of sorts WITHIN the djent

Dan: Hatfield lol

Corey: and that’s weird for me



Corey, I definitely get that “musical” feeling. But… and this is key…I fucking hate musicals. So. There’s that.

Corey: hahahahahahah

Chris: I actually admire the gusto with which they go for that over the top thing. FINALLY A SOLO!

Josh: they got gusto in spades

Corey: This part be big and I like

Dan: Yeah, on balance this track is still the most interesting so far

Corey: agreed

Chris: ok – Track 4 “EVERYTHING IS FINE!”

Josh: Nice intro. heavy

Chris: I’m digging this intro a lot. the laser gun effects are cool

Corey: lol the promo files are way off in song length

Josh: cookies and harmonics

Corey: im realizing. thats fun

Josh: hahaha

Dan: This, again, is some extremely Herman Li shit

Chris: ok – this is my favorite song so far

Josh: very similar to “Reptile” off Stan

Chris: Love the screaming in the chorus

Corey: wait wait wait

Chris: shit…I kinda love this

Josh: indeed

Corey: a more concise, aggressive structure is working better for them. SHOCKED

Dan: I was tolerating it until that blast beaty part

Chris: Super hardcore vibes and a bit of Dillinger to my ears

Dan: blast vocally? Whatever you call it

Josh: dude they can do it and rip shit up



Chris: Damn – this is BY FAR the best track for me. Not a single complaint

Josh: its great, so much ground covered

Chris: Can confirm I have now consumed my first drink and emptied the flask for drink 2…

Josh: those guitars man

Chris:…but will it be enough?

Corey: no

Chris: (probably not)

Josh: im drink 3 after the 2 previous to this

Dan: Finished my single malt and have now moved onto Two Roads’ red currant and raspberry sour

Chris: I think them sticking to a more consistent vibe really helps this song

Dan: It tastes like my ears feel

Chris: LOL

Corey: im halfway through a four pack of a papaya IPA from the local brewpub. it’s relaible…reliable, even

Josh: synth laden Track 5 “Silhouette”


Chris: ok Track 5 – Silhouette

Josh: well see if anyone drops here


Josh: hahahahaha

Chris: Dan’s feral ears perk up, his snout sniffing synths in the air…

Corey: Man, my mind went LIVE LAUGH LOVE immediately…and I am a broken person

Josh: got dam is that Jim Ross? LOL

Dan: Indeed!


Dan: Jesus christ I hate these vocals, YOU ARE RUINING THE SYNTHS VOCAL MAN. What’s his name. SPENCER

Chris: Whoa…those drums


Josh: Matt Halpern is a god, the drums are absolutely massive all the way through

Dan: I genuinely like everything about this…except the vocals

Chris: I’m not mad at this at all. Vocals are…okay. Something about how hard he pronounces every syllable

Josh: after this hit YouTube and watch Matt’s “Satellites” play through

Dan: This feels 80s as fuck, and then it’s like Claudio Sanchez jumped on to sing. Just… why

Corey: anyway, who else is fucking with that Yob/Cave In tour?

Josh: I dig Spencer’s vocals…dude has some ridiculous range

Dan: I may dabble! I need to see my doppelganger Stephen Brodsky

Josh: Atl and I might dabble


Corey: you sure do buddy

Chris: I am all in on that Yob/Cave In tour

Corey: Wait, someone else has a distaste for C&C? I knew we were friends lol


Dan: Medical facts: if you go see YOB, you receive credit for a colonoscopy

Josh: yep

Dan: Your bowels will be emptied for five years

Corey: Track 6 “Dying Star”

Dan: OK speaking of bowels, here’s Dying Star

Chris: Maybe it’s the whiskey, but something has somewhat clicked for me. Dying Star is also working for me so far.

Corey: This shit is going off the rails

Josh: completely, and im here for it

Chris: This might be three in a row I like?

Josh: NICE

Chris: What is happening here?

Corey: I was just about to say this has been my favorite track so far aaaaaand now its not

Josh: but its back

Dan: I think I’m behind

Chris: lol yes Corey. We are locked. Please stop the pseudo rap sing thing….please. THINK OF THE CHILDREN


Josh: LOLOLOL I love that gif

Chris: I still like this more than the first two songs

Corey: Now that I know GIFs post cleanly in WP, my world has expanded infinitely

Dan: This is one of the better ones, I guess. But that’s like picking “one of the better Tottenham soccer players”

Chris: More of that Polyphia thing

Josh: Still in the minority but got dam those melodies

Chris: I kinda can’t stand that sound now…yes it’s complex but it also sounds twee as fuck

Corey: Josh when we get to the end of this, I do eventually want to know your thoughts on how this stacks up with other Periphery things

Josh: all in for it

Corey: considering my complete lack of awareness

Chris: I’ll say this. Josh I love you for standing up to this. I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING THIS, BUDDY!

Corey: Co-signed


Dan: Disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it, or something like that lol

Josh: well, it is the internet haha. Track 7 “ZAGREUS”


Corey: oh shit wrong Stan

Dan: Okay, next track is Zagreus

Josh: Drums again

Dan: You better not fuck this up, Periphery

Josh: haha

Chris: Meshuggah lite?

Josh: sorta

Dan: Dammit, they might be fuckin’ it up

Chris: OH GOD STOP THIS VOCAL TRAVESTY. Does anyone else get a kind of Mars Volta vibe with Spenser’s vocals?

Josh: haven’t thought about it but in a slight way, yes…cookies!

Chris: I kinda like the weird electronic touches in the background

Dan: I don’t know that I hear it tbh. Shout out Cedric tho

Chris: On the cleaner moments…CEdric tho has the music backing him the right way

Josh: dude….. love all this back and forth and in and out of heavy vs clean

Chris: Anyone else get to the solo yet? I fucked up the tracker and may have jumped ahead

Josh: Hell yes

Chris: Because the solo was TIGHT

Josh: 3:29 in TIGHT AS HELL

Corey: shit somehow i feel a few seconds behind

Josh: here we are 3:57


Chris: 3:44 is the solo

Josh: dammmmmmm

Corey: it’s 3:50 for me lol

Chris: ok at least we’re close

Corey: yeah it just ended

Dan: How many amateur bloggers does it take to sync an audio track

Josh: 4

Corey: its a musical again. more than 4, as it happens


[/hangs self]


Chris: One thing I’ll say is that I wish these songs would end on a stronger note…too many interludes and extensions added to the songs

Josh: soundtrack to close

Chris: We’re back in soundtrack territory with a minute left in the song

Josh: epic feel though

Chris: and it’s not really making the song any better, tbh

Josh: like an action movie cliffhanger

Chris: yeah it’s epic but it doesn’t feel like it ties to anything

Josh: Track 8 “Dracul Gras”

Corey: not much ties to much id argue lol

Chris: Again killer heavy opening I dig

Corey: dracula grass

Josh: heavy meshuggah vibes…more comfortable than a coffin…That groove, dammm

Corey: I do like these grooves

Josh: im telling you, Spencer has got some fucking range

Chris: I dunno…it’s okay but I know I’m in trouble when I’m thinking to myself “I only have 20 minutes of this album”

Josh: I highly recommend hitting YouTube and watching the “making of” from this album and the last one…or maybe that’s just for me lol

Corey: if I end up on “periphery” in youtube, I’ll probably just end up stuck on the video for “Alpha” again, still love that track


Chris: Seriously: this is a song about, in their words, “a portly vampire and his trials and tribulations in his village”

Corey: been. there.

Josh: same

Chris: done. that

Josh: got the t-shirt haha

Dan: Okay, so…Does that mean we know enough about portly vampires to review this track? I don’t wanna run afoul of metal review law

Corey: lets ask Kamelot!

Josh: well, theyre portly?

Chris: I dunno…is this on Napalm?

Josh: HAHAHAHAHA. this run right here is fucking great and wait… ahhhhh. Dracula kills everyone right here

Chris: you talking about that big ass heavy part? Yeah…I can get behind that

Josh: yep


Josh: Halpern again, nails it

Chris: Dig the breakdown here near the end

Josh: indeed

Corey: ooo this is nice but are we near the end? I can’t tell anymore

Josh: almost, synth ending

Dan: Not near enough lol

Corey: it COULD have ended on that

Dan: WTF they’re bringing the synths back now?

Corey: but it fucked up

Dan: Guys, have some fuckin taste here, come on

Josh: yea this part we could’ve done without

Chris: So reading through their track by track breakdown, three of these songs were inspired by video games. Make of that what you will…

Josh: They are huge gamers

Dan: Zagreus is Hades

Josh: HUGE into Hades

Dan: Track 9 “Thanks Nobuo” is a nod to the Final Fantasy composer I presume?

Josh: Pretty sure

Chris: yup

Josh: Excellent opening riffs, love the twisted guitars in this one

Corey: see, I’m into this so far which makes me nervous

Josh: those quick bursts are great

Corey: agreed

Josh:  those stair step chords, fuck yes

Chris: So far I am with this song…really like how they shift and move into those quick burst of energy before stretching out the more chrous like lines

Josh: solos!

Corey: ok, THIS has been my favorite track so far

Dan: This is fine.

Corey: but im very tired haha

Josh: hahahaha

Dan: It also borrows quite a bit from Nobuo. ANd we have 10 minutes left

Corey: actually, speaking of fine, maybe that was favorite, im lost

Dan: I remember nothing of it So

Chris: This feels like the most successful of the “mix 20 things together” songs. But I think I’m still partial to “Everything is FINE” the most.

Dan: Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe fuck myself

Corey: my sentiments align with Chris, who is clearly better at using the words

Josh: this is an epic, all in, closer typical of Periphery. love it

Chris: Yeah me and words…”Queen of Bee” “DENT”. This is probably my second highest rated track on the album

Josh: ah the bees

Corey: it’s not the queen of bee. but its the princess of bee

Chris: Jeuss…there’s still 3:30 left on this song?

Josh: hahahaha, yep

Chris: This album could really use some tightening

Corey: according to my itunes there’s 4:30 left lol

Chris: Oh jeeez. I think there was a good spot to make this like an 8-minute song. Now it’s all fluff

Corey: yeah. this cant be 25% fluff. But it seems like it will be!

Chris: Jesus…it really IS just fluff!

Dan: Yeah we’re done here lol

Josh: yep


In which our heroes, thoroughly soused and still going strong despite 3 out 4 of said heroes disapproval, attempt to wrap up.

Corey: But hey, our feelings on periphery may differ, but if this were Kamelots america we wouldnt even be here talking about it right now.

Josh: HAHAHAHAHA so true

Chris: All of us would be arrested for talking about it in Kamelot’s world

Josh: I still cannot believe that shit

Corey: so this sure did crawl home

Josh: so in know im on an island here, correct?

Chris: Well I don’t know about you, but the album just finished and I would like to raise our glasses to the first an ONLY time I will be most likely be listening to Periphery, lol

Corey: haha i would say so, but I am truly very glad we mixed it up this month

Chris: Awe too – I love that we took a chance on this, and LOVE that you love it, Josh.

Corey: I will say that there are things periphery does that i like

Josh: I DO

Corey: this is my first time sitting down and listening to an album in full however

Dan: It had its moments, but on balance… I’m pretty sure I hate it and will never return to it.


Corey: and it may be the last time i do so for awhile haha

Dan: Josh, thank you for bringing it to us all the same. I appreciate trying something new.

Chris: Dan and I will curl up in the corner with the Bart Graft

Josh: fair enough honestly. and I knew going in this was a long shot for the group

Dan: And now I know a little bit more about them so that someday I might be able to review them when President Kamelot wins election

Josh: HAHA

Dan: My issue, I think, is that when every track tries to do EVERYTHING, it makes it hard for any one thing to feel really memorable. I liked some of these in the moment, but I remember none of them. Now that we’re done listening.

Corey: thats a good take

Chris: I’ve already forgotten all of the Djent

Josh: Alright so…

Corey: Josh! Resident Periphery expert, and only one eligible to have an opinion… how many alvins?

Josh: 4 out of 5 ALVINS

Josh: Hail Stan is still my reigning champ

Chris: I’ll allow it, though I would maybe be a 2 of out 5 ALVINS

Josh: Ranking their numbered albums:

Josh: Periphery I: 2 out of 5, Periphery II: 2 out of 5, Periphery III: 3 out of 5, Periphery IV: 5 out 5, Periphery V: 4 out of 5

Periphery 2023

Josh has all the Alvins for Periphery V and the rest, well…do not. But that’s ok. We all came, kicked ass, and still had a great time. Check back next month when we make more poor decisions for the sake of internet content. For now, trust this process and believe Josh (and him alone), Periphery V is awesome.

Top Brass

Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre is available now on 3DOT Recordings. For more information on Periphery, visit their official website.

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