The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 277 (4.01.2023)

I toyed with the idea of just making this the 277th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist a Rick Roll and leave it at that, but damn if Metallica didn’t release their fourth single (and the title track) to the forthcoming 72 Seasons so we’ll just keep on keeping’ on, and give you some of the blasted tunes we’ve been spinning the past week. I’ve had the new remastered vinyl of Cave In’s Until Your Heart Stops on repeat ever since it hit the house (thank you Josh!) so we’re throwing that in as well as a track from the new Sermon, which is really scratching the Ulver/Junius itch I’ve been feeling lately.

Elsewhere the crew has you covered with all manner of blasphemous hymns. We’ve got new tracks from Calligram and Henget, killer cuts from The Hanging Garden, VOLA, and Kontinuum, not to mention some blasting heaviness from a resurgent Cloak, a revamped Nervosa, the nu-groove of OTTTO and the welcome return of Allfather. But wait! There’s also Soundgarden, Blaze of Sorrow, Arcturus, and a final dose of the metal from the likes of Gorguts, Sigh, and more. And since we welcome closure here, why not another dose of classic Metallica to close things off, huh?

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week…


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