Initial Descent: April 9 – 15, 2023

Here’s the thing: if you’re a band seeking coverage for an upcoming album, the worst thing you can do is go on a site’s socials and leave a shitty comment / get your panties in a wad / be a dumbass about an album review from another band. Pro tip: don’t be that dumbass. Got it?! Alright then… Metallica are BACK, in rare form, and we’re damn excited about it. But, if you’re not as excited as we are, there’s several more excellent choices this week starting with the always wild and eccentric Dødheimsgard, Out of the Mouth of Graves scratch that death metal itch, and All Hell goes all out on a quick blast of blackened thrash. As always though, there’s many more in the list below so get to digging and see you here throughout the week.

metallica - 72 seasons

Metallica – 72 Seasons (Blackened Recordings) – metal-lica

Dødheimsgard – Black Medium Current (Peaceville) – avantmetal

Out of the Mouth of Graves – Shrines to Dagon (Vargheist Records) – death metal

All Hell – All Hail The Night, EP (Terminus Hate City) – black / thrash

Also on tap:

1782 – Clamor Luciferi (Heavy Psych Sounds) – occult doom

Aetherius Obscuritas – A Sors Szurke Pora (Paragon / GrimmDistribution) – black metal

Alase – A Matter Of Time (Inverse) – atmospheric prog

Altari – Kröflueldar (Svart Records) – black metal

Anthanatheos – Cross. Deny. Glorify. (Lavadome) – death metal

Archon Angel – II (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – prog metal

Ashrain – Requiem Reloaded (Metalville) – power metal

Attractive Chaos – The Fire Between Us (Independent) – melodic metal

Black Oak – Egolution (Independent) – post-metal

Black Orchid Empire – Tempus Veritas (Season of Mist) – rock

Blazon Rite – Wild Rites and Ancient Songs (Gates of Hell) – metal

Carcariass – Afterworld (Independent) – prog death

Cave Moth – Paralytic Love (Independent) – deathgrind

Chat Pile / Nerver – Brothers In Christ (Reptilian / The Ghost Is Clear) – noise

Crownshard – Awareness (Independent) – death metal

Deathgrave – It’s Only Midnight (Tankcrimes) – deathgrind

Deimos’ Dawn – Anthem of the Lost (MDD) – thrash

Despite The Reverence – Stress Of Evolution (Independent) – rock

Dimentianon – Chapter IV Burning Rebirth (Paragon / Symbol of Domination / Pest) – black / death / doom

Extermination Order – The Siege of Ascalon (War Anthem Records) – death metal

From Fall To Spring – Rise (Arising Empire) – melodic metal

Infected Rain – The Devil’s Dozen (Napalm) – metal

Kaal Nagini – Refracted Lights of a Blind God (Iron Bonehead) – extreme

L.A. Guns – Black Diamonds (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Lucifer Star Machine – Satanic Age (The Sign Records) – punk rock

Magnets For Maniacs – 872 (Independent) – metal

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Hunt The Flame (Frontiers s.r.l.) – heavy metal

Mesmur – Chthonic (Solitude Prod. / Aesthetic Death) – death / doom

Mike Tramp – Songs Of White Lion (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – glam metal

MisophoniA – Still Feel As Blind (Independent) – black / doom

Moon Oracle – Ophidian Glare (Signal Rex / Bestial Burst) – black metal

Moribund Mantras – …of Fathomless Depths (Argento Records) – black / doom

Najing – S/T (Argonauta Records) – post metal

Narcolepsium – Hell Remembered, EP (SavoKarelian) – melodic death metal

Neil Howell – The Wasteland (Independent) – prog

Night Fishing – Live Bait, EP (Brutal Panda Records) – heavy psych

Putrid Yell – Consuming Aberration (Pulverised) – death metal

Red Rum – Book of Legends (Trollzorn) – pirates

Rosslyn – Totentanz (Sliptrick) – heavy metal

Rotpit – Let There Be Rot (War Anthem) – death metal

Sever – At Midnight, By Torch Light (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Spirit Tomb – The Lotus of Dahlia (Independent) – classical

The Harvest Tree – Spree (Independent) – melodic death metal

The Hellfreaks – Pitch Black Sunset (Napalm) – metalcore

The Infinity Ring – Nemesis & Nativity (Profound Lore Records) – post industrial

Vale – A Senseless Procession (Independent) – post-metal

Vesuvian – Emergence (Independent) – symphonic melodic death metal

VoidCeremony – Threads Of Unknowing (20 Buck Spin) – black / death [interview]

Wild Beyond – S/T (Gates of Hell) – black / thrash

Witte Wieven – Dwaallicht (Babylon Doom Cult) – black / doom

Zeit – Ohnmacht (Independent) – black sludge

Zozobra – Savage Masters (Brutal Panda) – sludge


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