Daily ‘Bang: Dan’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Group of friends celebrating new year
Apologies to Abbath and Jens Kidman. Zero apologies to the girl in the middle.

So now that I’ve mostly kicked the (fever? food poisoning? 24 hour bug?) that kept me sidelined on New Year’s Eve, let’s resume with the posting, shall we? And what better way to kick off 2015—albeit a day late—than with a list of New Year’s Resolutions?

I can’t really speak for Corey on this front, but here are some things I hope to follow through on in 2015. We’ll see how many of these actually happen:

  • Buy More Music

If you’re reading the blog on an even semi-regular basis, you’ll know that Corey and I get pretty good mileage out of our Spotify Premium subscriptions. Between that, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, I reckon that a good…95 percent of any music I’d ever want or need to listen to is available via streaming services. And when you listen to as much new stuff as we do in a year, this is without question a good thing. Everything’s at our fingertips, we don’t have to worry about clogging our hard drives, no need to carry around antiquated music listening devices…you could fill an entire blog post listing out the benefits of streaming music versus traditional digital song and album sales.

(Did I just use “traditional” and “digital” adjacently to describe music consumption? The RIAA is rolling in its grave.)

But more often than not in 2014, I fell into the trap of only supporting artists/albums I enjoyed through streaming, and the 1/1000th of a penny or whatever-the-fuck they’d get from each individual play. To be clear, I’m speaking only of my listening habits here; whenever a band really struck a note with me, I did make every effort to see them live, support them at the merch table, etc. But even then, that’s one night said band would spend playing my city—meanwhile, I’d go on revisiting their music countless times on Spotify over the rest of the year and they’d get next to nothing to show for it.

So to hell with that; in 2015, if a band puts out a record I really enjoy, I’m going to buy it. Regardless of whether the band or its label winds up seeing more of that money, I’ll have given something back for the enjoyment their music’s brought me. And hell, having parted with actual money to acquire this music (more actual money than the 33 cents a day that a Spotify subscription runs you, at least) there’s a good chance I’ll try to digest it more carefully, appreciate it more fully—you know, put more time into it than I would any other Spotify listen, where my reaction would most likely be “Yeah! That was awesome! Okay, now what’s next?” This goes for both metal and other genres. Let’s give it a shot.

  • See More Shows

Yes, I know I tweeted and Facebooked about this quite a bit last year, but just for some context, I wound up seeing 25 concerts across all genres in 2014. (This counts multi-day festivals like Maryland Deathfest or Governors Ball as single concerts, which I’m not sure is entirely fair, but I’ll go with it either way.) For some, that might seem like a lot, and for others it might be laughable—I dunno, for me, it was the most shows I’ve seen in a single year by some margin, and it was a blast.

So in 2015, I want to raise that number again. To 30? 35? 40? I don’t know, exactly—I just know that while I’m relatively young and still have the energy for it, I want to see as many shows as I can. (Even if I don’t necessarily have the energy for pits anymore. Yes, I know, I’m a grandpa at heart.)

Some of the artists I’d like to cross off my list in 2015? (Depending on their touring plans, of course)





-Corrosion of Conformity





Again, I don’t know what these bands’ touring schedules will be like, so will all of them be possible? Who knows? What I do know is that it’s January 2, and I’ve already got seven shows confirmed for the year so far. So let’s keep it going. MOARRRR CONCERRRRTS.

  • More Horns Up

Corey and I started podcasting under the Horns Up moniker in mid-April. The blog came two weeks later. We were on iTunes in June, and hit our 300th post in November. If this sounds like an attempt to brag, it’s not; on the contrary, it’s a reflection of the fact that we’re still new at this. We’re still very much trying to figure out the whole blogging and podcasting thing—and neither of us are even close to being able to make day jobs out of this yet…so said “figuring out” could take a while.

But that said, we’ve both had a blast doing this so far. I’ve joked a number of times about how difficult it’s been for me to keep blogs going in the past—I’d start one and be really gung-ho with it for about two weeks, only to miss a single day of posting and have the whole thing collapse on itself—so keeping Horns Up going for almost nine months…I can’t say it’s something I saw coming when we started out.

But we’re not going to rest on our laurels. In 2015, we want to grow this thing even more.

I realize that’s a pretty vague resolution, and with good reason: it’s going to take a number of different steps to continue building this thing out—some of which we’ve already got plans for, and some of which we probably haven’t even thought of yet. But as much fun as we’ve had with this so far—as many musical discoveries as we made in 2014, and as many awesome folks as we’ve gotten to know in that time (even if only on Twitter)—we want to have even more in the New Year.

So whether that’s through adding more writers, doing more interviews, writing more album reviews, getting Corey onto Twitter, all of the above or none of it—that all remains to be seen. But Horns Up is going to continue to grow in 2015, and we hope you’ll keep reading and listening with us as it does.

Anyway, now that I’ve thoroughly exhausted you with my stream of consciousness ramblings, let’s call it a week. We’ll resume our usual content schedule on Monday, but until then, a very happy new year to everyone, and all best to you and yours in 2015.


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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