Quickies: Varg’s RPG, Slayer’s disappointing new song, plus a video from Byzantine!

varg vikernes role playing game

First of two days in a row where I’ll be taking on the Quickies, because Corey’s off doing Boston things. So here they are! Let’s see what we missed today, shall we?

  • Because of course he doesn’t have the good sense to just go the fuck away and hide in a bunker somewhere, Varg Vikernes wrote an RPG book called MYFAROG. I’m just going to assume it’s all different kinds of horrible and racist. Yeah, I think that’s a safe bet.
  • I’m not one to care about this kind of thing, but since a lot of y’all are…Slayer released a new song today. It’s called “When the Stillness Comes.” It kinda sucks. So there.
  • Good news, Baroness fans—the band hopes to finish recording their follow-up to 2012’s Yellow and Green later this month!
  • Jamey Jasta opened his face about death metal. Or death metal fans. Something. I don’t know; I don’t particularly care what this guy has to say about…anything.
  • And finally, here’s a new Byzantine video—check out “The Agonies” below:

Nice. Anyway, that’ll do it for tonight. Check back tomorrow for the usual!

Keep it heavy,


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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