Visions ov Hell: Enforcer – “Undying Evil”

Enforcer - Undying Evil

I don’t know what happened to this past weekend, but alas, it’s Monday. I wanted to have some fun with this edition of Visions ov Hell and showcase the Swedish speedy NWOBHM throwback band Enforcer and their recently released video for “Undying Evil.” In watching this video, you’ll instantly want to throw the horns and drink some beer. Which may not be the best way to start a work week, but… let’s dive in anyway.

On this year’s From Beyond, Enforcer doesn’t break new ground or push anything you haven’t heard before — particularly if you are well versed in the speed/NWOBHM genres. That being said, they do what they do well, bringing the movement back to life and making you want to be on a never ending weekend bender.

As for the video, we open with a hazy looking moon and a view of a church through a cemetery, then cut to the band in full leathered regalia on stage belting it out. Olof Wikstrand’s vocal work could break highball glasses. We get glimpses here and there of a hazy, purple sky looming over the church, then out of nowhere comes what appears to be a shirtless woman holding a knife. With the lyrics focusing on Transylvania, it starts to become clear the video is a depiction of a vampire tale. The woman then proceeds to stab herself in the gut.

We get more live band action, then a fleeting shot of the woman draining her guts into a chalice and drinking it. (I told you we were going to have some fun didn’t I?) Bats, crosses, some sex…all we need at this point is some drugs and we would have the rock ‘n’ roll dream. You get the idea. Watch the video and see the band’s creepy vision unfold for yourself:


One thought on “Visions ov Hell: Enforcer – “Undying Evil”

  1. morningafter7 August 22, 2015 / 2:47 am

    Awesome! Reminds me of “old school” metal.

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