Visions ov Hell: Caliban – “Paralyzed”


Despite dating back to 1997, Caliban is a band that just has not emerged on this blog until now. The metalcore (probably explains our lack of coverage) band from Germany are gearing up to release their 10th full length album, Gravity, on March 25th, so the experience is certainly there. In building up to that release date, they have dropped a new music video for “Paralyzed”, a rather unique visual to accompany the music to the say the least. Let’s take a closer look.

“Paralyzed”, speaking generally, is very much a metalcore song. Chugging riffage and growls during the verses alternates between the melodies and clean singing of the choruses, because, duh, metalcore. And of course we get a breakdown or two for added weight. While straightforward in construct, I will admit that “Paralyzed” is a bit of an earworm. As catchy as we would hope any metalcore song would, it is also modern in sound with some synthetic passages woven within some of the calmer moments. While metalcore as a genre can be incredibly underwhelming and whiny, this is something I rather enjoyed going through a couple of times. I don’t sense any real staying power, but hey, it’s enjoyable for what it is. Good enough for me.

The video is far more out there. We focus on four main characters: two hunters, a young female in white, and this wandering monster/bear/yeti thing (that looks rather ridiculous). These individuals do not appear to be tied together in the early stages, yet all are traveling in a similar wooded area in the dead of winter. So we know their paths must cross eventually, right? Initial thinking is that the hunters are tracking this monster thing, who must be after our young lady who seems to be moving out of fear. Yet, as the story reaches climax, we see one of the hunters open fire… but it is the innocent looking girl who falls victim. The monster/yeti/bear then appears to take out the shooter as the young girl lays slain. It comforts her dead body as we are shown a drawn picture of two adults, a young girl, and a monster. Was this beast her protector? The family pet? Why are people hunting them? I would imagine because of their curious choice in household companions. Either way, it’s an entertaining video (albeit ridiculous), that leaves me with many questions.

Overall, I rather enjoyed both the song and video. I see virtually no tie between the lyrics and the scene unfolding in front of us, but they are both entertaining enough as standalone elements. If you feel like you need some metalcore and a dude dressed up as a monster on a Monday morning, take a look and listen below. It’s definitely a thing.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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