Vision ov Hell: Lacuna Coil – “Delirium”


We’ve been doing this Horns Up/Nine Circles thing for more than a couple of years now… but I don’t think we’ve covered Lacuna Coil more than once or twice. It makes sense, their music really just isn’t that interesting. At least to us (me). But the Italians have had quite a successful career over the years. I remember when I saw them at some Ozzfest or another right before Karmacode dropped and being relatively impressed for a kid that probably wasn’t quite old enough to drive yet. So I’ve been casually aware of them for some time now. But I digress. Their latest album, Delirium, dropped on May 27 of this year. With it, they released a rather creepy video for the title track that I was just curious enough to check out. 

The music behind “Delirium” sounds, well, like Lacuna Coil. I had primarily positive reviews about this album… references to a darker energy or something. And I do get that here, Christina Scabbia sounds as good as she always has both in the backing vocals to Andrea Ferro’s verses and the repeating song titled in the chorus. Which repeats, over, and over, and over… so on and so forth. The gothic instrumentals are equally as familiar. Honestly, to me it doesn’t sound like Lacuna Coil’s sound has changed over the past decade or so. But here’s the thing, this is literally the only track I’ve heard of the newest album and the last record I listened to from this group was the aforementioned Karmacode. So, if the goal was to refer back to their earlier roots and discover the sound that helped them rise up some time ago, well, that they have certainly done. It’s not a bad song by any means. It’s short (3 minutes), it’s an earworm, it’ll give you everything you want in a Lacuna Coil track.

This video itself was what pulled me into this. The imagery was eerie, like insane asylum eerie. Our main character trapped in some form of isolated cell, shot in black and white (except for the significant amount of blood that is implemented rather artistically), certainly set a dark, depressing scene depicting internal struggle. Beyond that, the random cuts to various forest scenes with disturbing items and figures in the camera frame helps this video play out in an impressively haunting way. It cuts from one dark scene to another, but almost too quickly and randomly to the point where it feels cluttered. The artistic nature of each scene is absolutely stunning, it looks and feels like a horror movie. My issue with this, however, is that it doesn’t play out that way. You get the sense that should be more of a story here. There should be some kind of event unfolding before us. Yet, when all is said and done, all we get a camera panning out to the word “Delirium” scrawled onto the cell wall. An interesting video and impressive visuals, but it leaves us wanting just a bit more a story development. Oh well.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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