Donuts & CANTO: Suffocation, Ghost, Lamb of God and more!


April 5, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you may have missed from yesterday:

  • Suffocation guitarist Charlie Errigo shared an Instagram post indicating that the band’s new album, Of the Dark Light, will be out “sooner than you think.” Still no actual date confirmed yet for the follow-up to 2013’s Pinnacle of Bedlam.

  • Tobias Forge — oops…I mean, “Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus,” — is being sued by some of his former bandmates over allegedly withheld money. Yeesh. Pay your musicians, kids.
  • Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe suggested that the band may be going on hiatus after its current tour cycle ends. Of course, they’ve said that before and we got VII: Sturm und Drang out of it, so who knows?
  • The new Pallbearer record, Heartless, sold around 4,000 copies to debut at No. 187 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. For context, their last album, Foundations of Burden, sold fewer copies, yet charted higher, because everything is made up and the sales don’t matter.
  • And finally, AMAGAD GUYS, THIS NEW MUTOID MAN TRACK. Just listen:

The band’s new album, War Moans, will be out June 2nd via Sargent House. Anyway, that’ll do it for now — check back this time tomorrow for our next edition!

Keep it heavy,

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