Donuts & CANTO: Danzig, Marduk, Otep and more!

glenn danzig
Glenn Danzig

June 23, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from the last couple of days:

    • Leading off, Glenn Danzig has revealed he’ll be playing Danzig III: How the Gods Kill in full at this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago. At this point, is there any more crazy shit for Glenn to pull out of his hat for Riot Fest?

    • MardukIncantation and Abysmal Dawn have revealed some tour dates, and whaddya know? They’re coming through my hometown of Reading, PA. Hooray! I’m still not going.
    • I can’t tell for sure, but Otep sure seems like…maybe not the best person to work with? Call me crazy, I dunno.
    • Apparently a site called Arctic Drones is going to start charging for album reviews. Times are tough in the metal writing world. In related news, Nine Circles is going to start charging for not coming to your houses and farting in your faces. (We’re not.) (Okay, we’re probably not.)
    • I’m not really familiar with the Sound on Sound festival, but apparently they’re down with the metal. LOL at Electric Wizard and Sleep being billed on the same line as Pusha T and Kehlani.
    • Napalm DeathBrujeriaLock Up and something called Black Rheno have announced tour dates through Australia and New Zealand. Going in blind, I’m assuming Black Rheno is yet another Shane Embury side project and he just wants to play four sets a night for a week?
  • And finally, a new Goatwhore tune. Here’s “Mankind Will Have No Mercy”:

Still can’t quite decide if I like that band or not. Oh well, that’ll do it for now — check back soon for our next edition!

Keep it heavy,

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