The Nine Circles Audio Thing: A Group Review of Couch Slut’s “Contempt”

couch slut contempt album cover

As y’all know, we here at Nine Circles were pretty big fans of Couch Slut‘s first album, My Life as a Woman. (Or maybe you didn’t know that, I dunno.) Either way, that album — released just under three years ago on the now-defunct Handshake Inc. label — established the band, and vocalist Megan Osztrosits in particular, as a filthy, aggressive force in the New York scene and beyond. (Certainly in our Bandcamp collections, that’s for sure.) 

Three years removed, the band’s gearing up to release album number two, Contempt, later this week. What better way to celebrate than by getting a group to review the album? Five of us — Josh S., Chris, Zyklonius, Vincent and yours truly — got together over the weekend to put our thoughts together.

In short: we like the thing. In long: well, you’ll have to check that out below!

Contempt will be available July 28 via Gilead Media. For more information on Couch Slut, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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