Concert Review: Neurosis, Converge, Amenra, 8.6.2017 – Part III


And we’ve reached the final end of our three part concert review. As fun as it has been sharing this show with you all over the course of the week, it’s time to wrap things up because there are plenty more adventures on the immediate horizon. If you missed Part I or Part II hit those links to catch up. For this, the final part, we focus on the show’s closer, Neurosis.

Last but certainly not least was Oakland’s Neurosis. With the tandem of Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly leading the way they truly brought the house down proper. Watching these guys perform was like witnessing royalty at work. The band was seamless and seemed to communicate telepathically, fully knowing what the next movement would be from each other — poetry in motion, so to speak.

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Opening with a personal favorite from Enemy of the Sun, “Lost,” it was clear this would be a wonderful yet intense journey through the band’s past and present. They covered nearly the entirety of their latest effort Fires Within Fires and honestly it sounded better live than it does on vinyl. An amazing feat for sure, but perhaps a quality that should be expected when we’re talking about Neurosis — The undisputed kings of sound. “Locust Star” sounded ten steps heavier than ever and “The Doorway” from Times of Grace was, at least for me, one of the major highlights of the entire set. I’ve spent a lot of time with that album over the years and to hear it done even better than it sounded on initial release was astounding. The interplay here between Von Till and Kelly seemed otherworldly and Noah Landis put an extreme hurting on his keys. Truthfully he was hard not to watch as he put on a stellar show all by himself. “Stones From the Sky” closed the night appropriately but really watching and hearing these absolute professionals share their craft with all of us in the crowd was a high note in and of itself. As cliche as it may sound this band was perfect, not one sound was out of place or off kilter and when a band can come across better live you know you’ve witnessed something truly special.

So to cap it all off, the theme of this night was one of watching greatness right before your eyes. As insanely good as these three bands were/are they all deserve top billing. Three masters in the metal world came to Boston, destroyed the place and left us all extremely satisfied with what we witnessed.

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