Premier: Deathcrawl – “Entombed By All the Things We Seek”

death crawl - acceptable level of misery

I’ve never been to Cleveland, but based on the scuzzed-out sludge of Deathcrawl, it sounds like a lost circle of Hell, covered in netted filth of those consigned to its swampy punishment.  I mean this, of course, in the best possible way because based on the band’s upcoming album Acceptable Level of Misery it’s a place I want to visit again and again.  Ahead of its October 27 release we have the exclusive premier of the ripping “Entombed By All the Things We Seek” to prepare your soul for its penance.  

The band, comprised of Damon Gregg, David Johnson, and Jason Luchka all contribute vocals and work the trio format to the hilt: the sound is massive but not so compressed you can’t hear the instruments breathe the vile toxic air.  “Entombed By All the Things We Seek” is one of the more uptempo tracks on the album, coming in with a sickening bent riff that barrels into another.  There’s a layer of dynamics at play that keep the song from getting too monotonous, which is a danger in sludge too many bands fall prey to.  By keeping the riffs constantly evolving and laying on a heavy as sin foundation with the bass and drums, all that’s left to make the track work are the vocals, and the roar that emanates from the combined forces of these throats make for a hellish racket.

deathcrawl band
Deathcrawl (photo by Doug French)

Prepare to get dirty on October 27 when Acceptable Level of Misery drops — this is one that will stick. To keep up with all things Deathcrawl visit their official website and their Bandcamp page.



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