Premiere: Gorycz – “Czarna Ciecz”

Gorycz cover

For those that have been paying attention to Nine Circles happenings in recent weeks, Gorycz might be a name you stumbled on in the most recent edition of our playlist. And with the release of their debut album, Piach, quickly approaching, we are thrilled to introduce you to another track off the new album titled “Czarna Ciecz”. Check it out immediately below.

While Piach marks the debut album for Gorycz, the Polish group actually formed a couple years back in 2016 when Przemek Grabowski and Tomek Kukliński (ex-Aeon) branched off on their own, unique direction, with Wojtek Błaszkowski and Krysiek Górski (Non Opus Dei) joining soon after.

As you can hear above (and from the previously released “Gorycz,” this particular project isn’t the easiest to categorize. A foundation of black metal may exist, but the true form of this sound takes on a far more complex existence than that. With a band name translating to ‘bitterness,’ “Czarna Ciecz” specifically is a dark, gritty display of musical exploration that knows no structural boundaries. Across the board, from the dense and fulfilling percussion to the paralyzing yet somehow occasionally melodic leads and vocals, Gorycz allows their creativity to evolve with each passing phrase. It is a complicated, somewhat jarring listen, but one that becomes truly addicting, emphasizing the dark environment created around the listener.

Gorycz band

Personally, I’ve listened to these tracks over and over and still can’t seem to get enough of what Gorycz have created. Piach is an album worth getting excited about ahead of its release on November 2nd. The album will be released on Pagan Records and can be pre-ordered here. For more information on Gorycz, be sure to visit their Facebook page.


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