The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Mastodon’s “Crack the Skye” Turns 10!


On March 24th, 1999 the heavens parted and the world was gifted the glory of Crack the Skyethe fourth album from Mastodon and their second outing on a major label. It’s a sprawling prog-rock opus, sparing no expense to craft majestic riffs and killer hooks that ten years on continues to reveal nuances and intricacies folks are still talking about.

Or at least we are. Chris, Dan, and Josh sit down to talk about the role the album and the band had on their lives, the introduction of Brann Dailor as a major vocal contributor, and the evolution of Mastodon from Remission all the way up to 2017’s Emperor of Sand.  Much is made about opening and closing tracks, references to Judas Priest are made, and rankings are established for you, the public, to rail against.

We also get to hear Josh’s daughter accompany the podcast on piano!

Agree? Disagree? Either way, this chat was a ton of fun for us and we hope you enjoy it, too. Jump on in and take a listen!


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