CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (June 14, 2019)

cursed imagery

Welcome back to Cursed Imagery! If you missed our debut post last week, this series focuses on poking fun at metal album artwork on a maybe-weekly, long-term-more-likely-monthly basis. If you missed our post last week, you also missed me crying “plagiarism!” over the artwork for a particular single, without realizing that said single was a cover from the artist I’d thought had been plagiarized. Good ol’ me — eh, guys?

Welp, onward and upward — and hopefully minus the need for any mea culpas this time! Our highlights from today’s crop of new releases are after the jump!

Baroness — Gold & Grey

John Dyer Baizley doing art is like Motörhead writing songs. You know more or less what you’re gonna get going in — and yet, it still always finds a way to kick your ass. No exceptions here. Pretty much my only (tiny) gripe: your band’s done an album cover centered on every color in the spectrum except orange so far, and there’s quite a bit of obvious orange coloring in this piece — and yet it’s called Gold & Grey? Come on, Baiz. You’re killing our OCD here.

Nucleus — Entity

Man, it’s good having Nucleus back in the fold with some new music. And with a bomb-ass album cover to match it! I don’t really have any snark here, folks. Entity‘s artwork actually takes me to a nice, cosmic happy place where it’ll slot in nicely alongside Blood Incantation’s Starspawn. Pretty dope company musically and artistically.

Winterwolf — Lycanthropic Metal of Death

So, this stencil is cool, even if it looks more like a Winterbobcat to me. And okay, the vaguely Sauron-looking design element in the beginning of Winterwolf’s band name text is pretty cool, but it’s just about the only thing about said text design that doesn’t make my eyes hurt. I’m doing about 18 different kinds of visual gymnastics trying to decipher this one — currently struggling on the uneven bars.

Merging Flare — Revolt Regime

A Warhammer 40K-looking space soldier, plus a band font you could practically slice your goddamned hand open on in six different places if you’re not careful enough? Count me the fuck in. If this was slightly busier, design-wise, it’d have the makings of a Bolt Thrower cover.

Damage S.F.P. — Damage S.F.P.

If this band’s logo design / typeface needed a name, I think I’d call it “Sad Vampire.” It’s kinda dope. Unfortunately, the rest of the cover is not “kinda dope.” I’m not sure how much more DAMAGE we can expect those flaming meteors to cause when they hit an already desolate and barren wasteland, but…oh well.

Out of Order — Facing the Ruin

I see the Papyrus font in your title, Out of Order. I see it.

For shame. FOR SHAME.

That’ll do it for this week’s edition. Leave any corrections, grievances and recommendations for our next edition in the comments section. Otherwise, we’ll see ya next time!


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