Initial Descent: July 28 – August 3, 2019


Between Des leaving High On Fire, Rutger Hauer passing, and Call of the Void calling it quits, last week was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. But, we must carry on. All I can offer is new metal so sit down, read up, and hang on…

Finland’s answer to all things good in heavy and speed metal, Excuse, offer up their debut full length and if you missed out on their exceptional EP Goddess Injustice please go study up ahead of this slab of killer with zero filler. Speaking of killer, Sanguisugabogg (say that five times fast) do outstanding things to death metal on their EP and yes, I know it came out last week but we missed it and now we didn’t – you don’t miss it either. The sucking out of life force that graces Grogus’ debut full length exactly matches the intensity of the sludge, death, and hardcore contained within – plus, it’s a forward thinking album with many twists and surprises afoot. And, last up top is the third full length from England’s heavy metal bruisers Eradikator who shred their way through nine tracks of extremely catchy steel. 

More to follow so keep up.

Excuse - Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos

Excuse – Prophets From the Occultic Cosmos (Shadow Kingdom) – heavy metal

Sanguisugabogg - Pornographic Seizures

Sanguisugabogg – Pornographic Seizures (Maggot Stomp) – death metal

Grogus - Four Kings

Grogus – Four Kings (Tridroid) – sludge

Eradikator - Obscura

Eradikator – Obscura (Divebomb) – heavy metal

Also on tap:

Abhor / Abysmal Grief – Legione Occulta / Ministerium Diaboli, Split (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

By the Spirits – Visions (Eisenwald) – folk metal

Corridoré – S/T (Independent) – atmospheric post-black metal 

Dead Frog – Burning Bridges (Sliptrick) – heavy metal

Deceitome – Flux of Ruin (Raw Skull Recordz) – death metal

Eternal Suffering – Beyond the Threshold of Twilight (Imperatrix Mundi Records / Third I Rex) – death / thrash

Finsterforst – Zerfall (Napalm) – post black metal

Geistaz’ Ika – Troiddomsejd i skovens dybe kedel, CD and Vinyl Issue (Signal Rex) – black metal

Hive – Most Vicious Animal (Seeing Red / Crown and Thorne Ltd) – hardcore

Holocausto – Diário de Guerra (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – death / thrash

Hound the Wolves / Glasghote – Split (Independent) – rock / sludge / doom

Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal (Unique Leader) – death metal

Multicult – Simultaneity Now (Learning Curve) – noise

Mylingar – Döda Själar (20 Buck Spin) – death metal

Narnia – From Darkness To Light (Sound Pollution) – metal

Neurosis & Jarboe – S/T, Remastered Reissue (Neurot Recordings) – doom / experimental 

Northlane – Alien (UNFD) – metal

Nunslaughter – Antichrist, 7” (Helldprod) – death metal

Osi and the Jupiter – Gra Hest (Eisenwald) – pagan folk

Reptilium – Conspiranoic (Independent) – death metal

Riot V – Live In Japan 2018 (AFM) – -heavy metal

Rotten Hate – Stabbing the Masses (Australis) – death / crust

Russian Circles – Blood Year (Sargent House) – post-metal

Sabotage – The Order of Genocide, EP (Independent) – thrash

Sacrilege – The Court of Insane (Pure Steel) – metal

Swarn – Black Flame Order (Raw Skull Recordz) – death crust

The Drippers – Action Rock (The Sign) – rock

The Rite – The Brocken Fires (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Total Hate – Throne Behind a Black Veil (Eisenwald) – black metal

Ungfell – Tôtbringære, Re-Release (Eisenwald) – black metal

Wędrowcy/Tułacze/Zbiegi – Marynistyka Suchego Ladu (Devoted Art Propaganda) – black metal

– Josh

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