CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (August 9, 2019)

cursed imagery

Welcome back, y’all! This week’s post is kind of interesting in that most of the albums we’ll be featuring ended up coalescing around a particular theme: COLORS. There are lots of colors in these album covers, and most of them actually — gasp — work pretty well together! We’ll also be featuring a band who did not hop on the color bandwagon, but whose name is literal binary code, so…kinda had to include them. Anyway, let’s get started!

Thicket — Descend into Darkness

First off, good lord that logo. Handle with extreme caution, lest you put a freaking hole through your hand. Second, the colors! Really like the juxtaposition of purples, blues and greens throughout this image — it drives home the head-trippiness of it all. Not that a man falling through a purple sky with a screaming demonic figure’s eyes (boobs?) gazing ominously at him all the while needs extra driving home, but dammit, Thicket gave it to us. Credit to them. Also, said falling man reminds me of the classic Rush “star man” logo, so instant points for that.

Hemina — Night Echoes

Excellent use of neon blues and purples throughout Hemina’s depiction of… what seems to be a futuristic London? Am I right here? Is that the London Eye I see in the background there? Regardless…this, basically, feels like it could be a synthwave or outrun album cover. And thus, I, basically, feel like I love it.

Lord Gore — Scalpels for Blind Surgeons

First thought: Lord Gore proudly endorses mushrooms!

Second thought: really like the combination of blues and reds in this image. Not to mention the greens in the logo and title text, which are just bright enough to stand out against those dominant colors.

Third thought: anyone else getting Metroid vibes from this?

Fourth thought: Lord Gore proudly endorses mushrooms!

Pathology — Reborn to Kill

Man, Pathology’s logo is literally everything I want from a brutal death metal band. Inspired chaos right there. Reborn to Kill is their 10th album in 13 years — which is bonkers — and the cover fits in perfectly with our “color” theme. The striking, bright blues set against the relatively muted yellow-oranges and pinks in the sky is tremendous. Plus, you know…there’s necromancers reviving a corpse so that he can, presumably, kill stuff. Take my money now.

Strappado — Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus

Okay, so not as much going on in terms of colors here. But, when I see an album cover that nods — even if inadvertently, and even if only in my slightly deranged head — to as many classic metal albums as Strappado’s latest does, I have to feature it. To my eyes, there’s a little of Dance of Death, a bit of In the Sign of Evil, a pinch of Cathedral and — what’s that? Visible entrails? Well, hell, give ’em credit for some Cannibal Corpse, too! I like the “metal history lesson as album cover” approach quite a bit. Even if that (probably) isn’t what the band intended.

01101111011101100110111001101001 — SDSS-J0333+0651

Yes, this band’s name is literal binary code. Yes, they made a logo for said literal binary code. No, if I didn’t know going in that their name was literal binary code, I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess it from the logo. No, I can’t focus on the (admittedly, pretty decent) cover art instead of the LITERAL BINARY CODE. Sorry.

That’ll do it for this week’s edition! Check back next week for more album art ridiculousness!


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