Premiere: Forest of Tygers – “Night’s Embers”

Forest of Tygers - I Will Die of Violence

Husband and wife duo Forest of Tygers have an impending full length, I Will Die of Violence, coming your way November 8 on their own label Acteon Records. It’s a terrifying battlefield littered with black metal, punk, hardcore, death metal, and noise rock, just to name a few. It may sound like an ‘all but the kitchen sink approach’ and technically, it is. But the way this team puts it all together is nothing short of a cohesive, lean and mean fighting machine. Today, Nine Circles is ecstatic to bring you a premiere of the opening track, “Night’s Embers.” As you’ll hear below, it begins innocuous enough but within 30 seconds the rhythmic hardcore battering bursts its way to the front. Head directly below to give it a spin.

Forest of Tygers
photo courtesy of Román Alvarado

After listening to that, there’s no doubt you’ll want more. For now, head over to their Bandcamp page for an EP and some singles and check out the short film they put together for their split with Anicon, Mongers. And yes, this short film was done by the band as well, so busy is a keyword for them in all aspects of life. Look for them to hit the road soon in support of the upcoming full length. Preorder I Will Die of Violence on Acteon Records and on the band’s Bandcamp page. To keep up with all things Forest of Tygers, visit their Facebook page.

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