The Nine Circles Audio Thing: WAKE was March 2020’s Album of the Month!

Calgary heavyweights WAKE dropped their fifth full-length, Devouring Ruin, on March 27. The album marks a further sonic departure for the one-time grindsters; this time out, the quintet serves up a compelling amalgam of black-, death-, post- and everything in between. The album’s gotten a ton of acclaim since its release, and that extends to the crew here at Nine Circles — with a couple of folks even calling it an early Album of the Year contender.

For now, though, it’ll have to settle for being our Album of the Month for March, and we had one of the biggest parties we’ve ever had on the pod — properly isolated and on Zoom, of course — to discuss it. A full EIGHT people from our blog team hopped on to chat, with Buke hosting Vince, Ian, Anton, Jon, Charles, Hera and Audio Thing first-timer Angela for a far-ranging conversation.

But that’s not all! Charles also made the case for why the new Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum split was his album of the month, while Buke steered the conversation toward the video game realm with his praise for the metallized soundtrack of the new Doom: Eternal. There was also more conversation than probably should have been had about the Netflix special, Tiger King — which is to say, there was any discussion at all about it. 

All that and tons more on this edition of the Audio Thing, so jump on in and take a listen!

Devouring Ruin is available now via Translation Loss Records. For more information on WAKE, visit their Facebook page.

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