Initial Descent: March 14 – 20, 2021

OLDE – courtesy of Samantha Carcasole

Last week was a week. Here’s hoping this one isn’t. Who’s ready for live shows? Anyone got a wager for when that’ll be? Will we ever get back to normal? All pertinent questions that no one really has an answer for, but all are questions that burn in all our minds. News to no one, I get it. Anyway, we can dream…I guess. Moving on to some new metal, and at least that rubs me the right way; OLDE are back with their outstanding brand of blue collar doom/sludge (seriously, this thing rules and consequently, this band can do no wrong), Mare Cognitum are still excelling at cosmic black metal, Dvne get massively heavy and surprisingly subdued at the same time (it works, trust me), and how about some slam meets deathcore from Distant who actually do a great job at crushing this genre combo. Go get all these new tunes and dream for the day when we might actually get to see all this live again.

OLDE - Pilgrimage

OLDE – Pilgrimage (Seeing Red / Sludgelord) – sludge / doom

Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm

Mare Cognitum – Solar Paroxysm (I, Voidhanger Records / Extraconscious Records) – black metal

Dvne – Etemen Ænka (Metal Blade Records) – post-metal 

Distant – Dusk of Anguish, EP (Unique Leader) – slam / deathcore

Also on tap:

Adamantis – Far Flung Realm (Cruz Del Sur Music) – power metal

Ainur – War of the Jewels (Rockshots) – tolkien metal

Amammoth – The Fire Above (Electric Valley) – stoner / sludge

Aversed – Impermanent (Independent) – progressive melodic metal

Bathory Legion / Hermann Kopp – Das Unheimliche (Septenary Arts) – experimental ambient

Cicadastone – Cold Chamber (Golden Robot) – rock

Clouds Taste Satanic – Cloud Covered (Kinda Like Music) – post-doom

Cosmic Reaper – S/T (Heavy Psych Sounds) – fuzz

Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade – Crooked Headstone (I, Voidhanger Records) – darkfolk

Dead Sun – Night Terrors (Xtreem Music) – death metal

Demenzia Mortis – Anti Kult (Sounds of Hell) – black / death 

Depths of Hatred – Inheritance (Prosthetic Records) – tech death

Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes (BMG) – rock

Egor Lappo – Trancevoiceover (Independent) – prog metal 

Embryonic Slumber – In Worship Our Blood Is Buried (Werewolf) – black metal

Estuarine – Nyarlothotep (Independent) – tech-black-deathgrind

Everture – Emerge (Inverse Records) – modern metal

Feculant – The Grotesque Arena (Brilliant Emperor Records) – death metal

Fullmåne – Lurking In the Dark (Sliptrick) – black metal

Gate Doors – All Our Sins (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Godsend – In the Electric Mist, Remastered (Petrichor) – doom

Grand Celestial Nightmare – Forbidden Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom (Independent) – black metal

Herzel – Le Dernier Rempart (Gates of Hell) – epic metal

Hevilan – Symphony of Good and Evil (Brutal) – symphonic metal 

Ildaruni – Beyond Unseen Gateways (Black Lion Records) – pagan black metal

Kankar – Dunkle Millenia (Eisenwald) – black metal

Kõdu – Unusta kõik (Nigredo) – black metal

Lunar Shadow – Wish to Leave (Cruz Del Sur Music) – post rock

Machinist! // Dead Hand – Split (Nefarious Industries) – doom

Majestic Mass – Onwards (Helter Skelter / Regain) – metal

Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 2: The Golden Orb (I, Voidhanger Records) – atmospheric metal

Mono – Beyond the Past, Live In London (Pelagic) – post-metal

Nine Treasures – Awakening From Dukka (Independent) – folk metal

Revenant Marquis – Below the Landsker Line (Inferna Profundus) – metal

Riah / Postvorta – Riahpstvrt (Trepanation Recordings) – post-metal

Seraph In Trevail – A Black Death Incense (Independent) – black / death 

Shadow People – Batom Rouge / Washing In Soap Opera (Forbidden Place) – sludge / punk

Shiny Daggers – Devil Inside, EP (Emanzipation Productions) – nordic metal

Sulphurous – Encircling Darkness (Me Saco Un Ojo) – death metal 

Torrential – Visions (Independent) – thrash / death

U.D.O. – Live in Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show (AFM) – heavy metal 

Wharflurch – Shitslime, EP (Personal) – death metal

Yawning Sons – Sky Island (Ripple Music) – stoner / psych / desert rock


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