Initial Descent: June 13 – 19, 2021


Any of you pay attention to all the crackin’ singles released last week? If not, hit rewind and peruse our Canto posts to find out. Needless to say, this year is only getting better on the new metal front. Speaking of new metal, we’ve got entries from prog-tech death wonders Alustrium, a split of doom and fuzz from Dead Witches and Witchthroat Serpent (witchy), a slab of super heavy post-metal from Bossk, and a half dungeon synth half 80s horror flick soundtrack from supergroup Arelseum. And, as you surely are aware by now, so much more follows these four so do yourself and these bands a solid and make it rain.

Alustrium – A Monument to Silence (Unique Leader) – progressive tech death

Dead Witches / Witchthroat Serpent – Doom Sessions Vol. 666 (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom

Bossk – Migration (Deathwish Inc.) – post-metal

Arelseum – Arelseum III (Sleeping Giant Glossolia) – dungeon synth

Also on tap:

Angel Dust – Into the Dark Past, Re-Release (High Roller) – metal

Archaeopteris – Vision Chaotiques D’un Songe Hallucine (Personal / Void Wanderer) – metal

Bent Out Of Shape / The Boldness – Split (Demons Run Amok) – hardcore

Black Ceremonial Kult – Crowned In Chaos (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / death

Blazon Rite – Endless Halls of Golden Totem (Gates of Hell) – metal

Bloodbeat – Process of Extinction (Inverse) – death metal

Bólido – Against the World (Fighter) – metal

Death Perception – Ashes (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Decayed – Old Ghosts and Primeval Demons (Lusitanian Music) – black metal

Deivos – Emanations From Below, Reissue (Selfmadegod) – death metal

Demon Incarnate – Leaves of Zaqqum (Metalville0 – doom

Draemora – Death Rectangle (Independent) – prog metal 

Emmett Brown – Weird Science (Lazerdiscs) – synth

Entierro – El Camazotz (Independent) – metal

Eye of Purgatory – The Lighthouse (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

Fear Factory – Aggressive Continuum (Nuclear Blast) – metal

Gnosis – Omens From the Dead Realm (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / death

Heavy Temple – Lupi Amoris (Magnetic Eye) – doom

Helloween – S/T (Nuclear Blast) – metal

IIVII – Obsidian, RSD Vinyl Release (Consouling Sounds) – ambient

Insistent – Disease (L’inphantile Collective) – grind

Kriegszittern – S/T (Chaos Records) – death metal

L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN – I’m Gold, I’m God (My Kingdom Music) – post-metal

Macabre Decay – Into Oblivion (Grind to Death) – death metal

Malgoth – Primordial Dawn (Iron Bonehead) – black / death

Moanhand – Present Serpent (Burning Shine) – doom

Morgarten – Cry of the Lost (Inner Wound Recordings) – folk black metal

Necrochaos – Mortal Angels Descent (Godz Ov War Productions) – death metal 

Oxblood Forge – Decimator (Independent) – heavy metal

Param-Nesia – Aspect of Creation (Independent) – tech death

Pharaoh – The Powers That Be (Cruz Del Sur Music) – metal

Phobia – Slaughterhouse Tapes (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – black metal

Reinforcer – Prince of the Tides (Scarlet) – metal

Sundrowned – Become Ethereal (Fysisk Format) – post-metal

The Day of the Beast – Indisputably Carnivorous (Prosthetic Records) – death metal

Thūn – S/T (Eat Lead and Die Music) – epic death metal

Thy Kingdom Will Burn – S/T (Scarlet) – melodic death metal

Tom Thumb – Licence To Spill (Independent) – grind

Trialogos – Stroh Zu Gold (Exile On Mainstream) – experimental rock

Triton Devs – Stay Alive (Rockshots) – metal

Video Nasty – S/T (Petrichor) – thrash 

Wanderer – Liberation From a Brutalist Existence (Enteledon / Bad Mouth) – metalcore


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