Receiving the Evcharist: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy and Dog Ate My Homework

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations. Drink from the cup of heresy. This week’s offering: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy’s A Cult That Worships a God of Death and Brouwerij West’s Dog Ate My Homework.

The Tunes: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy’s A Cult That Worships a God of Death

A Cult That Worships a God of Death is one of the few albums I’ve taken a real chance on this year. I knew nothing of this band before picking up this promo, and I only had a vague genre descriptor to clue me in to what lay in store, which became immediately moot after pressing play. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy are clearly a band that are pretty content with being hard to pin down musically, and more power to them. Whatever they have going on here is pretty great no matter what you want to call it. Sludgy, angular riffs broken up with bursts of squalling feedback play against frantic drumming, and whole songs grind down into a tense crawl for maximum devastation (see the ending to “Tennessee”). At times this reminds me of the Cave-In of yore, at others it feels more noise rock inspired, but it’s always something you don’t see coming. I love an album that keeps me on my toes and A Cult That Worships a God of Death delivers just that.

The Booze: Brouwerij West’s Dog Ate My Homework

It’s been a minute since we’ve had any Brouwerij West in this column, so it’s high time to introduce you to a beer that has become one of my favorites of theirs in the time since I put this column down last. Dog Ate My Homework is a saison ale brewed with black currants and blackberries and tastes as ridiculously delicious as that description might have you believe. Its funkiness comes not just from the wild yeast, but from malted barley and spelt added to the brewing process, and is balanced out with a mild, pleasant tartness and big fruit flavors. Readers of many of my previous columns will know how much of a sucker I am for anything with blackberries in it, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when I say this stuff rules, but yes, this stuff absolutely rules. A little on the pricey side, but very well worth it.

Cheers, and be good to each other,


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